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Game: Remove one letter from a game's title...

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User Info: ShadowBanjo

5 years ago#161
Thief: The Drk Project

Garret is a master thief, and ends up pulling heists for a man named Drk so that he can complete his project.

Thief 2: The Meal Age

Garret get's involved involved in a war against an upstart faction known as the Cooks, who are planning to take over the city by turning everyone into their slaves by serving them hypnotic bread.

Thief: Dealy Shadows

Garret has lost his touch, and now the only way to save his thieving career is to make deals with the shadows so that they will keep hiding you.

User Info: Kordf

5 years ago#162
Enslaved: Odyssey to the Wet - you are a slave and gotta get everyone wet, rated M
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User Info: ss5joshua

5 years ago#163
Ra-man: Origins

You play as a package of ramen noodles, known as Ra-man! Discover the story of our great hero before his packaging is eventually opened, leading to his slow death from being cooked alive... and then eaten...
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

5 years ago#164
Ore Battle. You control an army fighting over other nations to find the legendary metal, Mythril, which is said to grant its finder immortality.
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User Info: dark_mannequin

5 years ago#165
You Don't Know Jak

A point and click mystery adventure where you try to recover the memories of an amnesiac Daxter and find your missing partner.
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User Info: Boneyardreject

5 years ago#166
Tomb Aider - Go around restoring tombs and offering aid to the surrounding populations.

Go Eater - A motivational game for fat people.

The walking dad - Possibly the most challenging and engaging game ever made.

Planeside - Stare at the side of a plane for as long as you can.

Planeside 2 - Now you can switch sides too!

Corps Party - For real soldiers!

Paper Mario Sicker Star - Sicker than you at least...

User Info: jakerscythe

5 years ago#167
Able - An open world fantasy RPG, where you can actually do stuff.

Guitar Ero - You do naughty stuff with your big guitar - with motion controls. Thrust for STAR POWER!

Shadow Harts - Another deer hunter simulator, they're just so damn hard to see.

The Matrix: Path of No - Just don't do it!

FAT Extra - A visual novel about FAT people. Now with light RPG elements.

Ishonored - You already did everything right, now you get to marry the Empress.

User Info: PJB-11

5 years ago#168
This topic is doing so much better than I expected!

Some of my favs so far:

EraYachi posted...

Where the main protagonist goes around stealthily greeting people.

Motsu posted...

Okemon - A game about a Jamaican Doctor.

Pirate_Balthier posted...
Super Ario Bros.

A pair of nazi brothers who must defeat the jewish king in order to establish the supremacy of the mushroom reich.


muggy posted...
Amazing Spider-Ma.

After repeatedly telling you to kill a spider in the kitchen your mother builds up the courage to do it herself. She misses and is bit by a radioactive spider. She develops super powers, saving people from criminals and making sure they have their coat on when its cold outside. If you wouldn't have been lazy and put that controller down, you could have been the hero. Instead your ma follows you the rest of your life swinging from rooftops, fighting all of your battles.

As for my contribution:

Uncharted 2: Mong Thieves. (Possibly more offensive than the Ario brothers.)

Drake and Elena venture out to Mongolia sporting fake moustaches, hell-bent on slaughtering dozens of innocent security guards and swiping priceless national treasures.
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User Info: Brocken_Jr

5 years ago#169
ight-Man (Eight-Man)
You are the middle man in a drug deal. when going up to the car you meet, you say "ight, man" and you secretly put the drugs in the guys hand.

Vampie Night (Vampire Night)
You are a vampire in a pie eating contest held at midnight...thats it....

Mystical Nija (Mystical Ninja)
You are the dark dark dark knight. You wait for people to pass by your alley, and you jump them, take all the money and jewelry they have, and sell it in a pawn store.

Megaman & Ass (Megaman & Bass)
As Megaman, you must defeat all 8 robot masters and finish Dr.Wily (lol). Beat the enemies, and you gain there power. There weak point? THEIR AAAYUSS!

Dark Catle (Dark Castle)
Your catle has rebelled against you, shave, beat, and slit animals throats all while protecting the good animals.

Castlevania Cure of Darkness (Curse of Darkness)
Play as Leon Belmont, as you cure goths of their disease....being a goth.

Od Hand (God Hand)
Your right arm is way bigger then your left arm, how did that happen?! Lift weights only with your left arm, while you try not to touch yourself.
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User Info: Soratami

5 years ago#170
Kordf posted...
Enslaved: Odyssey to the Wet - you are a slave and gotta get everyone wet, rated M

This one made me laugh out loud XD
PSN: ilikethispart
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