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Game: Remove one letter from a game's title...

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User Info: Slayer_22

4 years ago#51

Play as all the stars of the hit television station WE TV in 100+ different mini-games you unlock as they all band together in order to stop the evil corporation that wants to shut down WE tv.
You should check out Imagine Dragons
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User Info: xxHerchxx

4 years ago#52

Play as Kami from the popular Dragon ball series! You paint beautiful, and mysterious pictures while saving the world from evil forces.

User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#53
Final Fantasy II.... oh wait....

Kingdom Heats - you must fight global warming

Mario art - sequel to Mario Paint

Super Smash Bros. Bawl - cry when you lose
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User Info: Wombatish

4 years ago#54
Battlefont 2. It's your job to save the world from Papyrus.

User Info: Weuxtron

4 years ago#55
Mineraft: You and several other people are stranded on an island with only one raft capable of transporting one person. Eliminate the other players to make sure the raft is yours.

User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#56
This might be my last one...

Alf Life-- Play as Alf
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
88 Fingers Louie were a hardcore punk band. 88 Fingers Eddward was a nickname on Ed Edd'nEddy. Pretty cool reference.

User Info: dark_mannequin

4 years ago#57
Biosock 2

In the gripping sequel, manage your teenage children's laundry as gym class and hormones turn otherwise boring housework into a fight for your life.
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User Info: zebmarvin

4 years ago#58
Allout: New Vegas

Go to Vegas and lose your life savings!
I'm new.

User Info: Death_Ragnell

4 years ago#59
Final Fantasy XII
Now its a good game haha

User Info: IcarusTheFinal

4 years ago#60
Sol Calibur - Quest for the Blade of the Sun!

And Assassin's Cred - A modern day tale of a group of assassins making a name for themselves on the streets.
They're Masterworks all, you can't go wrong.
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