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Game: Remove one letter from a game's title...

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User Info: DakomissarZero

4 years ago#61
Clock Tower (remove the L)

Yeah... I'll let you use your imaginations...
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User Info: viserdes

4 years ago#62
Demo's Souls -> Your parents run a very famous game company, and you recently joined that company. One day, some haters assaulted your company. They killed everyone, but you survived because your company's fanboy squad sacrificed their lives to save you. Now all you have left is a demo of your company's latest project. As the last surviving member, your duty is to continue the project, to return your company to its former glory, and to honor the souls of your dead employees and fanboys.

Left 4 Dad -> A game about finding your lost dad, or new dad if you are ok with that.
Ghost in the Sell

Game summary: In this economy, even the dead can't get a free ride to heaven. Play as a male or a female ghost character and start turning tricks on the street to buy your way to heaven before the devil claims your soul.

God, I have to work both sides of the street to pay that off!!

User Info: WeirdJohn

4 years ago#64
Super Mario Bothers

Instead of Mario fighting Bowser, the whole point of this game is to annoy Bowser into submission.
WeirdJohn: The King Of Safe Haven!

User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#65
Od of War

You play as a mystical young teen, named Od, on a quest to save the world from a global encompassing war.
(Now playing Dead Island, Vanquish, and PSASBR Beta)

User Info: LyokoNinja

4 years ago#66
NiGHTS in the Nightmare

What have I done?

Please note that I say that in all seriousness; I've never played the original, and I rented the NiGHTS game for the Wii a few years ago and never really got into it, though I very much would like to try the game again.

So... what have I done?
"I've seen tons of people who love the old Pokemon and burn the new
ones on the stake, but I've actually never seen the opposite =/" - JoJoX200

User Info: KevinCC

4 years ago#67
Final Fantasy XII

...oh, wait, that game was released already. One of my favorites, too. opposed to an average game.

User Info: Jeroisourosin

4 years ago#68
God of ar-you play as a pirate seeking revenge on his father blue beard,basically he's pissed off and wants to kill other pirates! AR!
Worst fanboys-Sony's...maybe PC.
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User Info: Jeroisourosin

4 years ago#69
Ego Star Wars-siths vs. jedi,who's got the bigger ego?

Laystation all stars-you play as the laziest game developers and try to make good games by copying from other developers

Persona 4 olden-a game that has been made a long time ago

Legend of elda-link goes to save a new girl

All of duty blackops 2-attempt to clean up the crap left from the first game
Worst fanboys-Sony's...maybe PC.
3DS FC: 3093 - 7304 - 9480

User Info: 22whiterabbit22

4 years ago#70
Sonic Color- Everything in the game is the same shade of red

Suer Mario Brothers- About a pair of italian lawyers

Rock Ban- A game about Rock music being outlawed

Super Mario Sunshin- A game revolving around Apollo's shin

Tar Wars- A game focusing on a war fought over tar

Wii Lay- The game plays relaxing music to put the players to sleep

Nintendo And- A game involving Nintendo characters, as well as other undisclosed things
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