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Mass Effect Trilogy or InFamous Collection

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User Info: SonicNash

5 years ago#11
TelekiNoctis posted...
Infamous collection easily. The Mass Effect games are garbage and they're the reason why Dragon Effect 2 is garbage. Of course the majority will vote for the mediocre shooter with RPG elements because the same crowd that likes Mass Effect also likes CoD rehashes every year.

Dragon Age was never good, its always been a poor attempt at copying Diablo.
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User Info: este914

5 years ago#12
GoLions99 posted...
I'm getting the Killzone Trilogy
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User Info: MonicasBack

5 years ago#13
infamous is pretty meh. so i think the choice is obvious

User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#14
Gam3r777 posted...
God of War Saga. You get 5 of the best games in history for around $40, unless you find a deal somewhere.

I got GOW saga for $15 at Wal-Mart on black Friday
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User Info: sirtonne

5 years ago#15
If you like RPGs, get InFamous Collection.

User Info: gambit444

5 years ago#16
I'm surprised mass effect is only dominating by an appx. 2 to 1 margin
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User Info: Tiael

5 years ago#17
I like both, but I would say the ME Trilogy.
Ni no Kuni -
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