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I am on un-sure on the next-generation of consoles (LONG-BLOG)

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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#1
Being a gamer for as long as I have been it is changing more & more and has improved in leapts & bounds since the days of old where I came from.

Some improvements have been a welcomed addtion some shouldnt even have been made.

When it comes to this next generation via 720-Durrango vs. PS4 (Orbis) I am really worried over by both of these systems. My main concerns are this.

1. Banning Used Games

2. An always on Device meaning a DSL/Brodband connection always required

3. Password Restrictions

4. Not Backwards such as PS4 being able to play PS3 or 720 being able to play 360 games.

5. Lastly, and the most important deal of all THE PRICE. If 720 is 299 like I have been hearing I may go 720 over PS4 which I hear is going to be 699 such as the original 3 was on launch date which also had a 600 price tag.

Look I am a gamer I am not Donald Trump I can not spend 600+ on a new console I dont care about how great & powerful the machine is or what it is capable of.

I just wanna play games, I dont want to have to upgrade my TV each time a new generation comes out such as the PS4 supposed 4k Resoluition would force gamers to upgrade to a new TV once again.

If this is the case regarding the PS4 then they can keep the PS4 & I will make the PS3 & PS Vita the last thing I ever buy from SONY.

Now if it is something cool something that actually plays games and is around say 399.99 I can handle that just means I have to save up money sooner before its launch date.

I am worried on both 720 & the PS4 Both Equally, To me I dont want a high-tech piece of crap I want a machine that will provide the best games for the new generation aka the Mass Effects or the rumored Dragon Age 3 going next-gen. I wanna see the next Skyrim types of game or play my Halo 5 & Halo 6s.

I dont care about the hightech add-ons, the apps or other BS, I am a normal gamer I want games and I want a machine that will be affordable, easy to use and dosent force me to upgrade to a new TV.

I will not upgrade my TV when I have a 32inch TV 1080p using an HDMI if this isnt good enough for next gen then next-gen can stick it where the sun dosent shine.

Also it must be affordable most of us arent rich or have a huge bank-account we are just normal people living nomal lives. According to the game makers of next gen we can all afford a 600+ machine.

I am having a gut feeling PS3 & Vita will be my last Generation if these rumors on next-gen are indeed true.

Nothing has been confirmed, E3 is still a good whiles awhile from us and no info will be revealed any time soon. But these questions need answered.

I am sorry for my long essay like blog but i needed to vent out my worries on the next Generation. I am not a fan-boy to me it is about the price, tech and other aspects regardless of it being the 720 or the PS4.

I even have a 3DS & PS Vita both to me it is about the games not the consoles.

I am a GAMER - NOT A FAN-BOY - Also I am tired of the so called Console Wars.

User Info: regsantotomas

5 years ago#2
You are worrying over things that are pure conjecture at this point. And many of your presumptions specifically about matters such as 4K are out and out false.
the bitter truth is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. ~ Anton Ego

User Info: abnergoinbig

5 years ago#3
A good quote that i heard for gamers is - "If you complain about the price of a console/game, you need to find a new hobby."

User Info: GaminGuruRises

5 years ago#4
I honestly dont see myself getting a new console until it's sub-$300 in a bundle.

And if the decline of gaming continues with all the DLC, online pass, casual gaming, CoD crap, I am done for good.

User Info: Stanger5150

5 years ago#5
abnergoinbig posted...
A good quote that i heard for gamers is - "If you complain about the price of a console/game, you need to find a new hobby."

This has been true since the beginning. Gaming has NEVER been cheap, but it is actually cheaper now than in past gens. The 6th generation was the only one cheaper than this one, and that isn't even accurate considering the number of great network exclusives that go for 15 dollars or less.
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User Info: gamestop27

5 years ago#6
abnergoinbig posted...
A good quote that i heard for gamers is - "If you complain about the price of a console/game, you need to find a new hobby."

This is a bull**** quote; it tries to strike down any legitimate debate that can be had over the price of video games and hardware. You can't charge a boat load of money for a console and expect people to shut the f*** up about it. Bending over with a neon arrow to your backside or finding a new hobby aren't the only 2 options.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

5 years ago#7
Get a good job
my grammar sucks and i dont care
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User Info: Pendragoon

5 years ago#8
The current rumors on the parts going into the PS4 point to it being profitable at $299 easily.
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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#9
Look I have money but still 600+ price range is just plain pet coon crazy I am sure you people wouldnt pay 600+ for a barebone system with no bundles.

I heard the 720 is going to be 299.99 I havent heard anything on the PS4 other than the supposed 4k Resolution what would that be anyways 4080p or 5080p.

I can easily handle 299.99 or 399.99 but I will not go over 399.99 say it was 499.99, or 599 forget it I would just stick with my current consoles.

Like I said more info needs to be revealed such as Price, Tech, Backwards, and other issues such as the 4k Resolution.

The Dragon Age 3 deal also needs to be addressed by Bioware they did tell fans to keep saves from Origins & 2 since next-gen dosent have those then how could DA 3 be on next-gen.

Ohter than via using our saves on a USB Device and it would somehow would be used such as that.

Bioware also told us to keep saves from the Shepard Trilogy to be carried into the new upcoming ME 4 game even though Shepard isnt in the new game I assume his actions will still effect the new game.

Still more answers need to be addressed to many questions with no answers.

I am getting tired of them not releasing info or any details.
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  3. I am on un-sure on the next-generation of consoles (LONG-BLOG)

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