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What is the most beautiful Final Fantasy song?

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User Info: TormaDFK

5 years ago#51
PENDRAG0ON posted...
kel25 posted...
I don't know the name of it but the opera song from FF VI. That entire scene was the only time a game brought a tear to my eye.

Maria and Draco, and there are several incredible versions of it out there. From the Black Mages rock version to a classical version in English.

My personal favorite.

There's also the Aria di Mezza Carrattere, which is the song Celes sings in the opera and used as a base for Celes's Theme. Maria and Draco has a portion of it around the 4:00 mark, being the entire opera compressed into one song.

Quick link to my favorite version of the Aria:

User Info: Jun336

5 years ago#52
TehTrumpCard posted...
The Sunleth Waterscape:
Sony Stallion

User Info: Pendragoon

5 years ago#53
You are not Alone by katethegreat19
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User Info: themegaman7

5 years ago#54
Song? The only Final Fantasy song I remember is One Winged Angel and that FF8 opening theme. Of those I much prefer the former, but I'm not sure if beatiful is the correct word to describe it.

But if were talking about FF music in general that's a far more difficult question. Even though I'm not a big fan of FF6, I think I'll have to go with Terra's Theme. Edward's theme from FF4 is pretty as well.
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User Info: BMXJouster

5 years ago#55
Ugh, way too many VII, VIII, IX and X songs in this topic.

I'm taking one from Final Fantasy VI, but it's not the opera scene. As much as I loved the opera scene I still think "Forever Rachel" is the best song from the game.

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User Info: Hospy

5 years ago#56
I haven't even played FFX and I have to say To Zanarkand.

User Info: imsalingaway

5 years ago#57
Ending theme song for FF9.

User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
5 years ago#58
yeah, some great ones have been thrown in. i cant really pick my ONE favorite, but ill throw in a curveball that i like as well...

terra's theme from ff6, but with vocals. pretty solid. i also like hopeless desire from ffx.
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User Info: siberian142

5 years ago#59
"Someday the Dream will End" and "Suteki da Ne".

Honorable mentions goes to "To Zanarkand", "1000 Words", "Rose of May", "Aerith's Theme", "Other world", and "Terra's theme".

User Info: Kingmichael1337

5 years ago#60
"Suteki da Club" by Final Gangstasy XXX
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