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which feb release ya loking more fwd to tween the two?

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  3. which feb release ya loking more fwd to tween the two?

User Info: zooknut

4 years ago#1
bioshock infinite or dead space 3....?

User Info: peter_888

4 years ago#2
bioshock infinite
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User Info: arstos

4 years ago#3
peter_888 posted...
bioshock infinite
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User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

4 years ago#4
Dead Space 3.
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User Info: Thermador446

4 years ago#5
Bioshock Infinite.

if the choice was between Bioshock & Aliens:Colonial Marines, I would actually have to put a little thought into it.
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User Info: Benzychenz

4 years ago#6
arstos posted...
peter_888 posted...
bioshock infinite
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User Info: CruxisBLADE

4 years ago#7
Bioshock Infinite.

Though my MOST anticipated Feb release is Metal Gear Rising <3
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User Info: Vigrim

4 years ago#8
From: ChaoticKnuckles | #004
Dead Space 3.
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User Info: xxcheexx

4 years ago#9
Bioshock Infinite
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#10
Dead Space 3
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  3. which feb release ya loking more fwd to tween the two?

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