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Starocean last hope or FF13?

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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#41
ironbru posted...
So pointing out the fact that you said all NIS games released this gen are garbage and full of clichés despite the fact you earlier say there good is trolling? What ever, maybe your the one who has reading issues since you contradicted yourself.

You're right. I'm being a nerd for still talking about it. But it's called following a conversation. In a literal sense it's a contradiction. In a logical sense, the fact was already mentioned, hence implied that if I say all NIS games are bad, Disgaea is not included. Repeating the fact would be redundant.

What your nit picking at is worse than people who hear someone say "Can excused?"
and reply with..."May excused" I can't help but to see those people as trolls

User Info: kingofjamaica

4 years ago#42
Both suck.

Star Ocean is a steaming pile of excrement, and FFXIII is just bad, so FFXIII wins by default.
At some point, you're going to have to talk to a tree and do what it says. - Arbor Day Rule, Grand List of RPG Cliches.

User Info: Irony

4 years ago#43
They're both terrible, just flip a coin.
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#44
FFXIII is better overall.

User Info: theofficefan99

4 years ago#45
kel25 posted...
Both games are awful but at least Star Ocean has a fun combat system. If story is important to you then you should avoid both games like the plague.

I would suggest you get White Knight Chronicles 2 as your first PS3 JRPG. It's a fun game that also includes the first game. The story is pretty typical but it is a hell of a lot better than Star Ocean or FF XIII.


you can't trash SO and FFXIII and then say get WKC2, which is a million times worse.
"Dyin' is easy. It's the livin' that's hard..." Grim Reaper, Maximo vs. The Army of Zin
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