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Why do people think TOGf is one of the best rpgs on PS3?

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User Info: flintz

4 years ago#41
ive always enjoyed Tales more than other jrpgs, simply because a) there's co-op, so i can play with my siblings and b) i like the combo/real time action gameplay.

Seeing as how Tales has kept to its roots, and improved its gameplay consistently with later versions, while many other jrpgs from previous gens have fallen back or don't even exist at all on PS3, it's no wonder why its one of the better titles on PS3. I know these may sound trivial things, but in this day and age, it seems like a challenge to do them, so good on em i say.
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User Info: MonicasBack

4 years ago#42
because even though its a bad game, its a shining turd in a sea of piss.

User Info: ChiefCole

4 years ago#43
Togf is sooooo bad. I regret buying it.

User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#44
AXKSION posted...
king_madden posted...
again im not sure what FF has to do with this, I didnt care much for that one either

king_madden posted...
its still a bunch of hallways that lead to a bigger room, then more hallways.

You mentioned hallways and the ultimate hallway JRPG of all time is FFXIII. You are the one that mentioned hallway.

king_madden posted...
you immediately went on a rant about FF, and then started throwing accusations about what games i play. is that your idea of a conversation? spout random unrelated points, and then make false assumptions?

You are the one who immediately mentioned hallway (FFXIII). Also, your name is Madden so you are as likely to like Japanese games as much as Rosie O Donnel is a vegetarian who loves health food.

king_madden posted...
i love that you will ignore me because i like football though, but i have a feeling this would be like someone telling you they will ignore you because of your idiotic statements.


lol wow how narrow minded can you be? dude literally typed i liked football so its unlikely i like japanese really? so please tell me what kind of person would I have to be to like japanese games? I played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. I watch anime, love Disgaea, like mlb the show, dont like nba 2k, love starcraft and total war. I guess to love jrpgs I would have to be a none sport playing person.

also I said hallways because thats what this game felt like, I dont have a problem with hallways, you mentioned how it was possible to get so lost, I simply said i didnt find it difficult to navigate due to hallways. then you went on about FF, this was a tales topic i didnt see the point of mentioning FF or that it also had hallways. its like "ummm ok?"

User Info: medmuscle

4 years ago#45
I really enjoyed the story in Graces f because it was humorous. It made me laugh on a few occasions (the butt jokes, etc.). Also, Sophie might be my favorite character of all time. I thought she was awesome and had this toughness deep down inside of her that came out at times.

I also enjoyed Tales of Eternia a lot on PSP (inB4batteryiconintopRHcorner). Those are the only 2 Tales games I've played so far, but I do own Vesperia on 360 and Abyss on 3DS, I just haven't played them yet (considering Abyss for my next game to play though).
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User Info: IChangedMyName

4 years ago#46
Lockheart34 posted...
IChangedMyName posted...
_tanjil_ posted...
It also always pissed me off knowing that the ps3 version was "downgraded" so it could be equivalent to the 360 version.

You really believe this BS STILL! Even after FFXIII-2?

It's funny because that article is so old. FFXIII was ruined by it's own developers, not Microsoft.

I was looking for a specific article but I couldn't find it. It was an article from 1-up if I remember where SE said the PS3 version was FINISHED before the 360 version even got started.

To blame the games quality on it going multiplat is absurd to me.
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User Info: LazyBro

4 years ago#47
From: medmuscle | #105
I also enjoyed Tales of Eternia a lot on PSP (inB4batteryiconintopRHcorner).

I kind of got used to it and liked the battery icon being there, no more need to press Home just to check the battery status.
I can just keep playing til it reaches 1 bar then charge then play some more.
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