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How do you personally approach reducing your game backlog??

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User Info: Pigfarts

5 years ago#21
I have a huge back log and I am not even close to playing it, I have about 35-40 xbox 360 and ps3 games I havent even opened yet. I don't know how to approach it.
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User Info: flintz

5 years ago#22
simple, by buying more games.
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User Info: demonsword765

5 years ago#23
Backlog never reduces. It will continually rise.
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User Info: LiquidAntagonis

5 years ago#24


Sounds like such a dougebag term.

"Cha bra, my backlog least three times as long as the legs of this totally hot chick whose house I just came from after a night of beer pong, Snoop Dogg inspired strip poker, and enough casual sex to force even the most filth ridden gutter slut to grow a conscience and get tested for AIDS.

I dunno...there's something about that's like you're implying that you've got so much money and time and such a glamorous life that you can't stop to engage in such a meaningless activity like gaming. It reminds me of the type of people who save face by making up things to say to others that they might know while at the supermarket about their lives so that they can feel better about their meaningless existence for a brief moment.

"So, Charles, what've you been up to? Did you get a chance to play AC III yet?"

"Ah, you know how it is - just been so busy! With a full time job, and college, and my baby's mama on the side, I just haven't had time to get around to it. It's in my backlog"

(Charles lives at home with his folks, doesn't bathe, and spends most of every waking moment high out of his mind while playing some sort of gaming software, and is only at the supermarket because his mother begrudgingly told him to do something otherwise she'd throw him out)

Sure, sure, there are some people out there who actually do stuff...I guess it's hard to differentiate between the ones who're lying and the ones who aren't.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into it...

Anyway, to answer your question: Easy - just don't buy any more games until you've played and finished the ones you already have.
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User Info: deprofundis442

5 years ago#25
No, you're right. Single people without major hobbies who say they're too busy are full of it. I have too much going on to finish games quickly and it drives me nuts, but I try.

As for tackling a backlog, my approach is to stop buying new games and work on old ones. Forget side quests and side content. Just plow through.

User Info: este914

5 years ago#26
656stooge posted...
I've learned to deal with the fact that I'll probably never get around to playing half my games. So if I'm playing a game and get bored of it I'm now comfortable not finishing it. As long as I got some enjoyment out of it then it fulfilled it's purpose.

Good answer!
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User Info: VigilantSteve

5 years ago#27
I reduce my game backlog by buying more games...


User Info: HwoarangExpert1

5 years ago#28
VigilantSteve posted...
I reduce my game backlog by buying more games...


this unfortunately
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User Info: siberian142

5 years ago#29
By adding more games to my backlog.

I am probably more of an amateur collector than a gamer at this point. I keep adding games even though I already have so many to get through. And I am rarely in the mood to start the games that I am not 100% interested in, so attempting to tackle anything in my backlog usually results in forcing myself to get through it. I am not comfortable with that so I play the games that I want while having the option of choosing a game in my backlog whenever I feel like it.

User Info: Black_Assassin

5 years ago#30
I open my web browser and procrastinate.
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