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Whats in your machine right now?

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User Info: SieKensou

5 years ago#11
Tales of Xillia
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User Info: este914

5 years ago#12
gta 4 (complete edition)
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User Info: themegaman7

5 years ago#13
PS3: Tekken Tag 2
3DS: Megaman Zero Collection
DS Lite: Pokemon White

Other consoles have nothing.
PSN - Expa0
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User Info: echa_One

5 years ago#14
Dragon's Dogma.
3 things I dislike before a game release:
The wait, the haters and the trolls

User Info: fisheye11

5 years ago#15
borderlands 2
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User Info: Chocobo115

5 years ago#16
Nothing but that was just because I watched a movie on it yesterday night.
I'll put in a game later.

User Info: Evil_Gogeta

5 years ago#17
Ryuu ga Gotoku 5
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Playing: (PS3) Yakuza 5 (PC) Guild Wars 2, War Z (3DS) Layton Vs GS and Animal Crossing.

User Info: confettistorm

5 years ago#18
Tales of Graces F

And it's been in there for a good 240 hours.

User Info: CollCrofter

5 years ago#19
I am seriously impressed guys, I was expecting Black Ops 2 in nearly every reply!

Great mix of games

User Info: IChangedMyName

5 years ago#20
.hack versus for me, I just got it and I love it.
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
Not changing this until we get a Viewtiful Joe 3 or HD collection of VJ 1&2 (started 8/14/12)
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