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Are Bethesda games buggier on the PS3?

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User Info: Rafedx

4 years ago#11
TheTitan99 posted...
I wanted to buy Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim, but I heard they were super buggy on the PS3?

Any truth to this?

Skyrim on the PS3 after all the patches runs pretty damn good. You will still get a few random crashes but they will be few and far between. You will still suffer from some quest bugs randomly, and some NPC issues which are again randomly. You could go 200+ hours on 1 save file and see no issues, or you could go 50 hours and start seeing issues.

Fallout 3 Vanilla with the DLC from the store actually runs very well for me. I was able to play about 100 hours or so and not experience a single freeze or quest issue. As for the GOTY version I cannot comment on it as I have never tried it.

New Vegas for me was a nightmare and still is to this day. The vanilla version runs perfectly, smooth frame rate, no quest issues. As soon as I start installing DLC I see issues, the gun runners arsenal is by far the worst as soon as I install that I can expect to get a freeze every 20 - 30 min. I tried a run with just Lonesome Road and Old world blues and had no issues up to the 35 hour mark but stopped playing as I got new games so I cannot comment further then that. The ultimate edition does the same things except its broken completely for me as I cannot uninstall DLC.

Overall everyone's experience seems different, I don't know what it is or if the model of your system plays a part but this is just my 2 cents. Hopefully you can receive enough comments talking about different experiences to form a solid opinion. --> Terra: a Science Fiction Webcomic / Updates every 15th of the month.
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