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Whats your favorite canceled PS3 game?

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User Info: carsauce

5 years ago#31
WHAAAAAAAAT? TLG cancelled???
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User Info: KevoCSCS

5 years ago#32
The grinder....just kidding, that game looked AWFUL! The Wii version looked cool though, too bad that one got cancelled.

User Info: Saintdante

5 years ago#33
PotC:Armada of the Damned that game looked so amazing D:

User Info: Brocken_Jr

5 years ago#34
YoshioKST posted...
WET 2.
Many franchises have had sloppy starts

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User Info: gr0mkakm0rg

5 years ago#35
Time Splitters 4
You say "greed" as though it's a bad thing...

User Info: necro00

5 years ago#36
That military game that was cancelled something faulgah was too controversial

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

5 years ago#37
Monster Hunter 3
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

5 years ago#38
gr0mkakm0rg posted...
Time Splitters 4

This was merely a thought, the developers said so themselves

Anyway, FFXIII Versus.
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User Info: lawjr3

5 years ago#39
carsauce posted...
WHAAAAAAAAT? TLG cancelled???

Not exactly cancelled. Development hell. Producers, creators and writers keep walking off. If it comes out in 12 months, we'd be lucky, but 24 months is more realistic, if ever. With this many problems, it's a good chance the game is going to pale in comparison to SOTC.

User Info: este914

5 years ago#40
Black 2
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