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Should i get Resident Evil 6?

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User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 years ago#11
I was in Gamestop the other day and they were selling a used Resident Evil game bundle pack for $39. It included RE1 DC, RE2,RE4 HD, RE5Gold and RE6. They were all redeem cards. How the hell would that work if the thing was used?

User Info: The_Bojangler

4 years ago#12
Its $39.99 new... Buy it.....

User Info: este914

4 years ago#13
Mystickay86 posted...
Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition(ALL DLCS!!)

Resident Evil 6 - Platinum Edition(All DLCS!!)

Yeah, wait for the inevitable new edition if you want all DLC included ;P

Do this

Wait for it to be re-released

Im sure theres other things to play in the meantime.
-> este914 <-

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#14
If you liked RE5 then you'll like RE6 because it's better in the ways that matter

User Info: SolidLiquid25

4 years ago#15
It was mediocre to me at first but now i love it, i've played all of the RE games except Survivor i think it's called but that's not a real RE. Anyway it's similar to 5 but also quite different, buy it PM me on here and i'll play with you after i finish my professional playthrough .
"Dammit Jim, That's not what you promised!!"
Baker Armstech

User Info: Texnophile

4 years ago#16
Buy it only if you like torturing yourself.
"Nothing has ever been more insupportable for a man and a human society than freedom." -The Grand Inquisitor

User Info: ArkonBlade

4 years ago#17
Wait till its $20 or less. It just feels nothing like a RE game at all. Its more like a combination of Gears of war , Call of Duty , and Dragons Lair. Though with alot more suck.
SRPG games...i just love them!
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User Info: CBASH13

4 years ago#18
If you're a fan of RE it's worth a play. Certainly not the best the series has to offer, but not a terrible game by any means.
It is what it is
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