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Will you buy the FF14 remake?

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User Info: Paulf001

5 years ago#1
SE is currently devoting most of their resources to remaking FFXIV their failed mmo. They expecting a release sometime next Spring 2013 for both PC and PS3.

So I am asking a non biased audience would you really buy the FFXIV remake? They are calling it Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, to distinguish it from the failed FFXIV which is currently shut down.

User Info: Romangelo

5 years ago#2
no, cuz I already own the vanilla collector's edition which cost me $135
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User Info: CallOfGoaty

5 years ago#3
Monthly Subscription = No buy.

User Info: kupo1705

5 years ago#4
No, it's an MMO.

I've already played enough of WoW.

User Info: Zblueshell14

5 years ago#5
IF it didn't have a sub, I probably would.
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User Info: Chocobo115

5 years ago#6
umm... nope.

User Info: xNewAgeWarriorx

5 years ago#7
No, MMOS are evil.
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User Info: bloodcoast

5 years ago#8
No, the gameplay looks worse than most PS1 games.

User Info: Paulf001

5 years ago#9
So its mainly the $15 a month that keeps people away?

User Info: qwertyMrJINX

5 years ago#10
Eh, maybe. Can't say "no" for sure, but it isn't all that likely.
"You don't need a knife to kill a game maker. Just call it crap." - Piros
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