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Best game in every genre for PS3?

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#1
anyone want to give it a shot?

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#2
beat em up
double dragon neon

point and click/story
walking dead


first person
deus ex human revolution

third person shooter
binary domain (vanquish is real close though)

mortal kombat 9 (virtua fighter 5 final showdown is close, but mk has so much stuff)

sonic and all stars racing transformed (nothing else is close at all)


sonic generations (dark souls is close)

??? (only puzzle game i played was portal but i dont like it)

dj hero 1

silent hill downpour

house of the dead 4

all in my opinion of course
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User Info: seksii_mom_xO

4 years ago#4
Action: God of War 3
Action Adventure: Red Dead Redemption
Adventure: Uncharted 2
Driving: Gran Turismo 5
Miscellaneous: Heavy Rain
Strategy RPG: Valkyria Chronicles
Western RPG: Fallout 3
Japanese RPG: Nier
Simulation: Sims 3
Sports: Who cares
Puzzle: Catherine
Horror: Siren Blood Curse
FPS: Orange Box

Are you apart of the Seksii alliance?
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