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Metal Gear Ray boss battle, holy ****, WE WON!!!!!!!!

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User Info: sean2995

5 years ago#121
CyhortI82 posted...
sean2995 posted...
Seems like an insult to the series. Too bad this is what they wanted. Looks cool but too over the top crazy action like how TTS was over the top "bullet time".

TTS was amazing though, better than the original in every way.

I would say yes, but the over use of bullet time killed it from being a perfect 10/10 for me. Still love the original but was a great remake.

User Info: Banjo2553

5 years ago#122
Joeydollaz posted...
sephiroth068 posted...
SnuffSevenfoldX posted...

Rising isn't canon so don't get so worked up over nothing.

people STILL say this?!?!?!?!?

Rising is CANON. Kojima has said it, Konami has said it, various people that have worked on it have said it

Rising is canon until stated otherwise. Unless they go back on that and say its non canon later, it is canon to the MGS series...DEAL WITH IT!

Are you really this wild?

P+ and Konami dev sat in a small room and told everybody the story IS NOT


Before it used to be PREQUEL TO MGS4 and how Raiden suddenly appeared

now it is 4 years AFTER MGS4 and he works for some PMC that's it

SNAKE WON'T BE MENTIONED none of that stuff will be mentioned

this is P+ vision of RAIDEN GAME not Konami.

...And? What part of that gives you any sort of clue that it isn't canon? So what, the story of the game changed. That doesn't mean it's not canon.
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

5 years ago#124
L0rdCrump posted...
Trophy list is out, theres only 8 missions (file 00-07) and Ray is a boss in the first mission.

Dude I was just skimming through this topic and looked at the last post and got through 40% of your post, put gotdamn spoilers next time, gotdamn.
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