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Spike VGA is racist

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User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#21
superlativeform posted...
Kingmichael1337 posted...
Eamon696 posted...
AFreeby posted...
Kingmichael1337 posted...
lol @ the notion that japanese games are the ones with "substance"

most people just aren't into boring animu games with loli characters and terrible dialogue; get over it

I agree with you to an extent. A lot of what comes out from Japan is equally as trashy as the stuff being made in America, but I find that people will pass over the generally great games that come from Japan due to the unique art style or presentation, which once again is all about how this generation prefers style over substance.

Japan is known for making games with a unique art style, that some would call cartoonish or anime, but many of the games that have this style are really great games, but they are overlooked because they don't look realistic or they're not edgy and dark enough, which is what too many kids in America are obsessed with nowadays.

There are many poor games that come from the east, but too many great games that come from there will be overlooked by American kids because the style of those games don't fit these kids preconceived notions of what is "good".

I agree. But the "problem" exists on both sides of the pacific. We see the same things over in Japan where great western games are passed over because their artstyle or gameplay mechanics don't fit the Japanese norm.

skyrim is the only western game ever to get 40/40 from famitsu; apparently the japanese think nothing else we've made compares to such legendary titles as nintendogs and final fantasy xiii-2, LOL

I'd take a game with bad acting and a couple lewd jokes here and there to any iteration of various hyper-masculinity quests. Guns yeah! Steak for Breakfast!
Yeah, how about no?

i totally don't know what you're talking about; think you replied to the wrong post
"i was thinking about getting the game but i was jw if the online multiplayer community is lgbt friendly" - post that got me b& for 7 days LOL

User Info: BradleyJDavis

4 years ago#22
Consumer Reports is racist. They didn't nominate any India-made cars for car of the year.........

User Info: Stray_Zero

4 years ago#23
Romangelo posted...
95% of their nominees are western games.

Well, the other 5% was Best Fighter, and that was Persona 4 Arena (not-western), big surprise, huh.
"The Alternate Truth is yet to be Found" - XBL/PSN/YT/TW: NeoStrayCat (=^_^=)

User Info: ZackG31

4 years ago#24
BeastLeeAdams posted...
When eastern games become good again, they will get nominated.
Atheism is a terrible bet. It gives you no chance of winning the prize.

User Info: CooperRC

4 years ago#25
If you want to see a lot of Japanese games win, then watch an award show from Japan. Your average gamer in the US has different tastes.
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