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Why do you dislike Uncharted?

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User Info: Figure09

4 years ago#11
I know everyone loves to throw around opinions on here but at some point when something gets universally praised for being amazing and games start copying the style of said game you've made a breakthrough in gaming and uncharted 2 was just that. Maybe you don't like scripted games or maybe you just don't like the setting no one expects that everyone will love uncharted but don't come on here and try and play it down like its some standard 3rd person shooter with a budget. That's a bunch of ****.
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User Info: BeastLeeAdams

4 years ago#12
Figure09 posted...
I don't get how people come on and say series like uncharted aren't special. How many games of that high quality have been released? How many games blur the lines between action movie and action game that also tells a good story? The uncharted series truly is special and that's not even up for debate. It's a fact.

The story is up for debate considering it has magical elements.

User Info: hijokaiden

4 years ago#13
I dont like dislike, I just dont care to shell out money for it. Game is just short and average.
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User Info: Chaingunmaster

4 years ago#14
Louie The Lizard posted...
Yeah Naughty Dog has been one of the best Developers this Gen, Especially if the Last of Us is a great game like Uncharted.

Really the only people who bash Uncharted are

1.) XBox Fanboys - Very infamous for attacking it, same way PS3 fanboys attack Halo/Gears

2.) Call of Duty Gamers - They don't care about plots, character development etc.Gunplay also takes time to aim, pay attention to surroundings etc...So this game doesn't interest them. So they just generally don't like it.

3.) Hipster Trolls - They think its cool to bash anything getting praise. So any game highly praised on here they will be often seen bashing games like Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Gear of War, Uncharted etc.

Anyone who doesn't acknowledge that its a great game 96% chance they are one of the above. The occasional soccer mom or something could have a valid case.

Wow. That was a lot of BS for one post.
What's the matter, getting butthurt because not everyone shares the same opinion as you? (My webcomic)
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User Info: FiendingHard

4 years ago#15
I don't dislike uncharted. I just think its grossly overrated. Also hate how the game plays itself outside of shooting and puzzles.
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User Info: Sophistication

4 years ago#16
The graphics are horrible, poor light engine, aliasing is a mess...
Holds your hand from start to finish.
Poor animations, enemies don't react to being shot or blown up.
Lame melee system
All choreographed gameplay
Horrible characters... chloe, cutter, flynn to name a few

It's just an average franchise... next gen no one will even remember it.
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User Info: Figure09

4 years ago#17
Yeah this is why we need a gaming site that people who actually know and respect games can talk. otherwise we get users like "sophistication" looking for attention blowing up topics for fun it's getting annoying on this site.
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User Info: Louie The Lizard

Louie The Lizard
4 years ago#18

What's the matter, getting butthurt because not everyone shares the same opinion as you?

How? I have yet to see one glaring argument against Uncharted not being a good game? I have seen one post on here and lets dissect it shall we?

Lack of exploration in a game about an explorer - There are plenty of hidden areas/items to explore, sure its linear for the majority, but this game isn't telling you its an MMO. The amount of exploring in an Action/Adventure game is fine.

Prerendered cutscenes praise - Is this even a bash? The Cutscenes are incredible, and don't take away too much time from Gameplay, which is what MGS4 struggled with

No co-op campaign. - It was really overrated with Re5, and took away from the game. Same with 6. Co-op mode is pretty fun in Uncharted 2/3. I dont want to wait for a friend to play the campaign.

Poor split-screen if its even there at all. - Ok proof that you haven't even played, the Split screen is great, but if you are that butthurt over split-screen games....Wii U is that way ---->

Framerate issues. - Ok, here is proof we can safely conclude he's probably #1 in my example. Many Xbox ports have frame-rate issues when ported to PS3. Uncharted is beautifully done without frame issues. Hes just falling back on the typical ps3 game attack without having played it.

Dialogue from the Shia Labouf mix tape ("no no no i'm being shot at no no no") - Don't even know whats hes trying to say here.

Drake is a mass murderer - Now we're just trying to fatten up the lists of complaints against Uncharted.

Please return to your Xbox.

When it comes to Uncharted Haters, Thank you for proving my Rule of 3
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User Info: Chaingunmaster

4 years ago#19
Those aren't even my arguments, though I'm still impressed you managed to reply without mashing your face against the keyboard in a fanboy rage. (My webcomic)
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#20
I dislike the linear level design and the reliance on set-pieces. If the game was more open and gave you more freedom, I'd enjoy it a lot more.

I also really hate health regen in every shooting game that has it.
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