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Why do you dislike Uncharted?

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User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#111
Please do tell me then what (in your opinion obviously) is a good third person shooter this gen.

Something that just blows Uncharted away.

User Info: Lordcrabfood

4 years ago#112
mmpepsi posted...
Please do tell me then what (in your opinion obviously) is a good third person shooter this gen.

Something that just blows Uncharted away.

Dead Space series is a lot more interesting, much better atmosphere, ok story, nothing too great but certainly better then the Hollywood cliche that is Uncharted. Great character progression.

User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#113


User Info: Lordcrabfood

4 years ago#114
For what it is worth, in terms of multiplayer, the GRAW games blow uncharted's multiplayer out of the water. Never had so much fun with a multiplayer game before.

User Info: SixStringHero

4 years ago#115
Never played the first one. The demo turned me off. Didn't like the way Nathan appeared to have his gun aimed at a 45 degree angle and the combat felt off. Still went on to try out the others.

Among Thieves was great. Set pieces, characters and levels were all entertaining. The Train level was really spectacular the first time I played it. Only complaint against the game would be the weak sounding weapons, they all lacked punch.

Drake's Deception was great as well. Naughty Dog actually beefed up the gun sounds which I really enjoyed and the melee system looked really awesome in motion and very cinematic.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#116
I've played through most of Uncharted 1 (sometime last December) and demoed Uncharted 3 and...

A lot of on-the-rails gameplay.

The reticle for guns is small and it really hard to find making headshots hard than they should be. I blame the games coloring for this not the game is entirely fair itself. Kinda odd that a game with shooting as one of it's core mechanics has such a flaw.

Combo system is terribly slow and often forces you to take damage because of the time between each button press (in order to correctly perform the comboes)

Lack of exploration. (Pretty sure it's supposed to be an adventure game)

The environment. A lot of times things you need to progress forward are too well hidden in the environment or aren't fairly distinguishable without sort of knowing that it's there already.

As with most 3D games terrible jump mechanics.

Many of the treasures are easily missed if you are scanning around pressing the X (?) button.

You could say most of what I find wrong with this game is the "realism."
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User Info: Thermador446

4 years ago#117
As a series, i like Uncharted.

But I'm smart enough to know what complete S*** is.
uncharted 3 is complete S***.

characters were so undeveloped that it was like "why even bother"; almost on par with timesplitters 1 storyline(only back then, they could get away with it)
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User Info: TheBorderCollie

4 years ago#118
I don't hate the Uncharted games......I just think they are overrated.

They are not near the masterpieces that Sony Fanboys constantly prop them up to be. Ultimately, they don't really innovate in any way and are simply well-executed games. That's OK.....But it's certainly nothing that signifies "Series of all time" material, like so many fanboys proclaim.

To a large degree, I blame that behavior on the fact that Sony fans still have not found that key franchise that draws in the attention like NIntendo has with Mario and Microsoft has with Halo. They cling to Uncharted because they feel pressure to do so.
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User Info: Irony

4 years ago#119
I don't hate the Uncharted games

Yes you do, be quiet.
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User Info: darkness1018

4 years ago#120
I love the Uncharted series as awhole. some of the best games ive played this gen. Nathen Drake is also my 2nd fav to come out of this gen for me, 1st being Ezio from AC2. Once something becomes popular enough, and sells millions for some reason it then becomes "cool" to hate on it. Same thing happened with the Mass Effect series with whiny people complaining about an ending that was fine but they just wanted it to end their way instead of how the developer wanted it to end. Same thing also hapened with the Metal Gear Solid series, 1st it was great and awsome but then by MGS4 "its like a long winded movie, long cut scenes" thats what i remember seeing.
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