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ill never understand this japanese game hate .EVER

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  3. ill never understand this japanese game hate .EVER

User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#61
EliteGuard99 posted...
Hey guys! Whats going on in he..........

private400 posted...


*backs out of thread slowly*

Forget slowly, RUN!
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User Info: medmuscle

4 years ago#62
GameFAQS is a haven for close-mindedness and thinking your opinion is commandment. Just because it is different doesn't make it bad or wrong. The west has plenty that can viewed as disgusting.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#63
Devilman_Amon posted...
theatrical_cat posted...
I kind of always thought the weird Japanese fanservice games were in appropriate. Even as a kid, seeing the kind of weird semi-porn stuff were in games, I was like "Wow, this is really shameful."

Part of it is a cultural thing, I guess, what's acceptable in japan can be considered perverted insanity in the Western world. But outside the internet, I've never heard anyone say people should go to jail for playing those kind of games. You might be exaggerating a bit.

Except it's not acceptable in Japan. They are called Otaku for a reason. It' be like saying everyone in the U.S. that are adults love comic books and child beauty pageants. What you're looking at is niche which represents a very small community driven hobby. It doesn't even represent the majority of gaming there in general or Anime in general.
If the average Japanese game sells over 100K in Japan it's considered a success. Some games that sell 30K are considered a success there.
If a game sells that kinda number in the West its a failure. A game usually needs to break a million to be considered a success in the West.
Kingdoms of Amalur broke 1 million and the company still went under.
Japan has 127 Million people.
U.S. has 311 Million people.
Despite having half the population; that's still a considerably large population crammed in that small of a country in comparison to the U.S.

You do the math.

Ehh fan service isn't really a niche thing in japan. Well it isn't all anime there is entire sub genres of stuff that is just fan service for fan services sake. A LOT of anime is geared towards teens over there and Japan is a very conservative place (contrary to popular belief) where sex is very taboo thing (even more taboo then over here) so a lot teen males go to anime for the T&A since it's the easiest most attainable way for teen males to oogle women.

The sexual shame thing is also why you see so much crazy rape porn. It's a big fantasy over there because getting laid in japan isn't an easy task (recent poll I read said 33% of men in there teens and early 20's have NO INTEREST in pursuing sex they have given up and women were in the 60%+ range when asked the same question). Being able to just take a women when you want is a big fantasy for men who live in a country where wooing women, whom 2/3rd's have no interest apparently, isn't an easy task and even if you do convince them to go out with you getting laid is a whole different story. Why do you think entire 24 episode anime shows revolve around a guy or a girl just asking someone out. That's a big fricken deal over there lol

Just go to BAKABT, a torrent site that specializes in fansubbed unlicensed shows, I bet if you hit the browse button 8 out of 10 of the new shows on there are fan service slice of life shows. It isn't some niche thing and it's only gotten bigger over the last 10 years. Anime creators figured out that drawing pretty half anime girls, animating them crappily, reusing the same high school drama template is cheap and sells like hot cakes to horny suppressed teens.
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User Info: United_World

4 years ago#64
Why was my name on that list?
I don't have anything against Japanese games...
Give it to me, baby.

User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#65
Why is JRPG hate mistaken for hate for all Japanese games? Not even JRPG hate. The pedo variety that always get horrible reviews. It's not even like we're making fun of a game that is good.

I don't want to be on a list accusing me of hating Japan or being racist towards the Japanese. I own:

Tekken 6
Demon's Souls
Dark Souls
Valkyria Chronicles
3D Dot Game Heroes
The Last Guy
Sonic CD
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Shinobi III
Alex Kidd
Virtua Fighter 5
Mega Man 9 and 10

Hell, I bought a PSP so I could play Valkyria Chronicles 2 and MGS PW. Plus the money I've spent on Japanese PS1 classics like Silent Hill, Front Mission 3, Castlevania SOTN, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dino Crisis, etc. etc. The only preorder game I have right now is Anarchy Reigns.

Weeabos have the biggest persecution complex because Atelier and games of its ilk are deservedly killed on this board. No one hates Japanese games. Get over it.
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User Info: private400

4 years ago#66
you don't really know a woman 'til you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her. - nord wisdom from utgherd the unbroken

User Info: EternaLBleedinG

4 years ago#67
hijokaiden posted...
monkeyman0111 posted...
some people are racist, and some just don't want to try to understand their culture.
either way, it's usually closed off people

Tons and tons of video games after video games that are all about gigantic eyed scantily clad 12 year old look-likes and silly enormously boobed girls... That doesnt interest most people, shocking I know.

The almost complete majority of their video games are in the image of their cartoons silly, creepy and embarassing

Wow i didn't expect Girls und Panzer to be included there i mean that anime mainly focuses on tanks and you'll rarely get to see any fanservice there.
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User Info: AnthonM2

4 years ago#68
United_World posted...
"ill never understand this japanese game hate .EVER"

Really? Because on GameFaq it seems to be the other way around.

Maybe hes taking about other forums like Neogaf, but that forum is full of western devs that's why they will automatically hate anything Japan, they feel insecure when any new japaense games is announced or released.

User Info: private400

4 years ago#69
last bump
you don't really know a woman 'til you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her. - nord wisdom from utgherd the unbroken

User Info: deprofundis442

4 years ago#70
They actually teach entire segments of psychology classes about people primarily showing displays of hate and negativity towards products on the internet.

In the case of video games, my personal belief is that the "console war" probably shaped much of the attitudes seen on here today. East vs. West was part of the propaganda. It's basically the cold war of gaming. People have no idea that so much of their championing and white knighting is probably the result of somebody else's influence.
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