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So how are you guys liking Far Cry 3?

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User Info: MMAKSX

4 years ago#1
Does it get a bit boring as its a lot of shooting or is it really varied in missions and things to do?

Also is the world as fleshed out and interactive as a oblivion/fallout type game?

User Info: Tlrpwll

4 years ago#2
The map is amazing, really large active and alive world.

Good voice acting and motion capping makes you love the characters, even if the main charicter comes across like a D-Bag at first.

Side missions are not to varied, and story seems solid, but game play is what you would expect from a game like Red Dead or GTA type game. It also has a fun selection of weapons with customizing and buying attachments and paint.

Over all, I'd say is is one of, if not the best game this year, and its worth getting even if you just want to explore.
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User Info: OhGood

4 years ago#3
Downright fantastic game
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User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#4
I'm always lookin' over my shoulder when I get in the water. lol
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User Info: MMAKSX

4 years ago#5
Like what can you do in the world? Is there actual incentive to explore other than just seeing the sites? Im talking easter eggs, collectibles, etc.

User Info: LordChewbacca

4 years ago#6
First open world game that I've played and never used the fast travel option because the island is that gorgeous. The story is probably my favourite this year with Vaas Handsome jack and Susano'o(From Okami) being my top characters of the year. The gameplay is Fun between hunting/scavenging and story missions which feel pretty varied with side dialogue you'll love to pay attention to much like uncharted 2.

User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#7
MMAKSX posted...
Like what can you do in the world? Is there actual incentive to explore other than just seeing the sites? Im talking easter eggs, collectibles, etc.

There's tons to do.

3 types of collectibles.
Memory Cards - gives you info on the drug trade. (20 of them)

Lost Letters - letters written by Japanese soldiers during WWII. They tell a unique story in-and-of themselves. (20-30? iirc)

Relics - 4 different classifications of collectibles. Heron Relics found in high places, Boar Relics found in places that require combat or blowing up sections of caves/buildings to reach, Spider Relics found in hard to find places and Shark Relics that are hidden underwater or in submerged caves. (120 total)

All collectibles unlock Signature Weapons after collecting a given amount.

There are tons of Easter Eggs in the form of locations, story dialogue, random dialogue between NPCs, certain missions and even some of the weapons.

Bunch of side-quests/activities.

Path of the Hunter - Hunt a particular animal or animals with a specific weapon. Hunting the Rare animals in these quests is requires to fully upgrade your inventory items (Ammo Pouches, Grenade/Molotov/C4/Mine Pouches, Flamethrower Fuel Slings, Arrow Quivers, Syringe Kits, Backpack/Rucksack, etc).

Wanted: Dead - Kill a specific human enemy using only your knife. Non-target enemies can be killed in any way.

Story Missions - Missions with a specific goal that have a story behind them but are not part of the main plot. Range from saving people, participating in contests, killing targets, clearing mines and a bunch of other stuff.

Supply Drop - Get medicine from point A to point B as fast as possible using a specific vehicle

Trials of the Rakayat - Participate in a timed trial where you kill as many enemies or destroy as many vehicles/etc with a specific weapon. Range from knife-only trials, pistol-only, sniper-only to RPG and Grenade Launcher-only and everything in between.

Other Activities;
Various Racing Challenges
Knife Throwing Contests
Sharpshooter Challenges (use a sniper rifle to kill small animals, usually birds, as if you were skeet shooting)
Bunch of other stuff I can't remember lol.

Besides that you have just regular old, impromptu, hunting to gather crafting materials, Radio Towers to climb (like platforming mini-games) in order to open up sections of the map and unlock new quests/activities, and Outposts to take over, once again, to unlock quests/activities and secure sections of the map.
Many of the skills require you to complete certain missions or challenges (such as killing 3 enemies with your knife to unlock the Death From Above skill) to unlock.

Tons of different animals to hunt.
An ass-load of weapons to play with.
Some of the best graphics I've ever seen.
Impeccable enemy AI.
Some stunningly realistic fire effects (the way the fire spreads that is).
All in all it's absolutely the best open-world game, easily one of the best shooters (let alone first person shooters) and one of the best stealth games I've ever played. On top of that, it has the strongest voice acting and most intriguing storyline of any game I've played in years.
After spending a decent amount of time with it (about 30 hours) it's hands down my personal game of the year. Cannot recommend it enough and I, honestly, don't normally enjoy shooters.

It's f****** incredible.

Sorry for the long post but it's not often you see a game this good.
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User Info: OhGood

4 years ago#8
MMAKSX posted...
Like what can you do in the world? Is there actual incentive to explore other than just seeing the sites? Im talking easter eggs, collectibles, etc.

Well you need to explore the island to hunt. for example, you need 2 boar skins to craft a larger holster to carry more weapons. So you need to find and kill 2 boars.

There are collectibles as well. Ancient relics, letters from world war 2, memory cards. You also need to travel all around the map to take over enemy outposts and find radio towers to unlock more items to purchase in the shops.

So yeah, there is a good amount to do.
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#10
From: DocDelicious | #007
It's f****** incredible.

sums it up beautifully. It really is an amazing package.

Getting snagged at the waters edge by a crocodile that drags you into the water, is just one of many random events that can occur
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