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So, how does the typical PS3 gamer see the WiiU?

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User Info: thisranks

5 years ago#131
iTossSalads posted...
Most PS3 gamers on this board are super insecure about it and have to constantly reassure each other over PS3. It's been that way for years though so it's not just a Wii U thing.

Speaking for everybody else? Gee, what a surprise. Ignorance truly is bliss here on Gamefaqs.

Let's look at a fact: Nintendo has had poor third party support ever since the PS1 came out, and except for certain exclusives they haven't done much in the way of improving that. I happen to think Nintendo has the best 1st party games, but it's simply no longer enough to keep my gaming appetite whetted.

I still think even with development issues the PS3 has the best third party support, and that alone makes the PS3 a more desireable console to own. Nintendo needs to prove to me they are willing to do more than just grab up Bayonetta 2 to win back my purchasing interest.
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User Info: gage10

5 years ago#132
Why should I care about WiiU anyway ?
Im satisfied with PS3

User Info: BikeaLoss

5 years ago#133
There's nothing interesting in WiiU for typical (closeminded, fps-oriented, CoD-casual, frustrated) PS3 player.

User Info: Hawker44

5 years ago#134
I got it, & having a blast with it, laughing at all my friends who are saying the same things people on this board are saying about the Wii U then when they hear I have one they're calling & msging me asking if they can come over & try it.

So basically it's not that you hate the Wii U, it's you're just too cheap to buy it.

User Info: djmaster1994

5 years ago#135
thierminator posted...
i hate nintendo for stealing bayonneta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They FUND IT because Sega couldn't and the real REASON
is because Sega is going to be BROUGHT buy Nintendo.

My reason for that
They Told Platinum Games themselves to go to Nintendo
Mario + Sonic in the same game
Sega stated that most Dreamcast Games will be ported to Wii U eShop
Sega giving Nintendo a lot support on GC, GBA, DS, and Wii lots of exclusives.

Nintendo will buy Sega either in 2013 or early 2014.
It gonna happen.
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User Info: djmaster1994

5 years ago#136
GreatWhite20XX posted...
Wait for Ps4 or Xbox720. Why? All the WiiU to me is current gen games, but with a game gear as a controller. Doesnt that sound like fun kids?

Or just upgrade your Computer then you wont have to buy any of the three consoles.

Current Gen games that were develop at the end of their life cycle.
Wii U having Multiplats of games that can late in the current console life cycle what does that tell you.

Wii U started development 2009.
The Hardware is 2010-2012.
The Launch games looks like PS360 games during 2009-2011. That three four years after those consoles launch.
Wii U is able to do those graphic at launch what does it tell you.
A Proud Member of the N-Dub Nation!!

User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#137
djmaster1994 posted...
Nintendo will buy Sega either in 2013 or early 2014.
It gonna happen.

i saw this yesterday
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User Info: SimplyAwesomeAJ

5 years ago#138
I love how people feel the need to classify themselves as a certain type of gamer. I've spent tons of time on my PS3, hell recently playing through all the Assassin's Creed games, but that being said, I still love my Wii U. NSMBU is great and fun, especially with others. Nintendoland is surprisingly awesome, again especially with others, and ZombiU has been great as well.

It's also just neat technology. I love that the other day as I was finishing up Assassin's Creed 3, my girlfriend was playing the Wii U on the tablet controller. Hell, that you can walk around parts of your house and play games if you want is awesome.

I hardly see anything wrong with enjoying ALL the consoles available to you. If you enjoy gaming as a whole, there is no reason you should hold yourself back from a console because of your ridiculous "pride" towards a certain company.
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User Info: tigerex777

5 years ago#139
What's a Wii-u?
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

5 years ago#140
Just like the 3DS, Nothing worth purchasing the console for...yet
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