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How to obtain the supposed 5 Free DLC courses in TW13???

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User Info: zeplin1180

5 years ago#1
i'm posting this here as well as on the TW13 board because there doesn't seem to be anyone active over on the game's board. anyways...

so i was at GS the other and i finally picked up TW13... i've been wanting it for a long time now.

i opted for a brand new copy because visible on the front of the case there is a message stating that with the purchase of this game you get 5 free additional dlc courses via code.

when i got home i opened up my game hoping to find a PSN code to redeem online for the 5 free additional courses. all i found was an 'online pass' PSN code and another code which gives you one free year of a subscription to a Golf magazine (can't remember the exact name?).

does anyone have any idea about how to redeem the 5 free additional dlc courses for this game??? the amount of courses this game allows you to play right away is somewhat short and there seems to be a lot of locked ones that you have to apparently either pay for, or take a tremendous amount of time unlocking. i knew this going into buying this game and it was all the more reason why i went for the brand new copy that supposedly included 5 additional free dlc courses w/ the purchase.

any help that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated =)

User Info: Chudamaru

5 years ago#2
Still trying to figure out what game TW13 is.

User Info: LeadPipeCinche

5 years ago#3
well he says golf in the post so my guess would be tiger woods 13 or in simple terms the most boring sport to date right behind basketball.
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User Info: killak

5 years ago#4
I guessed Tiger Woods 13, with the talk of additional courses.

TC, are you sure it isn't included (and unlocked) via the online pass?

Free stuff for new purchases, is something to deter the used game purchases because you miss out on content. How do they know it's new or used?

Online pass
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User Info: shads3055

5 years ago#5
tiger woods games are the best games for the sport so much fun. dont bash it if your not a fan of golf..

to the TC.. sorry i cant help because i got my game at launch. i buy the masters edition or collecters edition every year because ea never give the courses it comes with on psn or i dont find them..

there is a way to dl redeemed codes on psn have you tried that? is that the code.. its at the bottom of the screen in the psn store u need to enter the whole code no dashes. in the redeem code box

User Info: zeplin1180

5 years ago#6
sorry about the confusion... this is indeed Tiger Woods 13 we're talking about.

the game was/is brand new. inside the case when i opened it were two codes (PSN), each on a single slip of paper (i.e. what you usually get for ex when you get a special dlc bonus for pre-ordering a game) ...

1 was/is for the online pass, and

1 was/is for a free subscription to golf digest or some golf magazine??

none of the 2 codes on either slips of paper say anything about unlocking 5 free dlc courses.

it would seem weird to me if the 5 additional courses where automatically already unlocked on the disc because it specifically stated on the front of the game case (in a bright, yellow bubble w/ red text) that these 5 free dlc courses can be unlocked "via code"??????

the main question i'm having is, what code???

i've checked every single piece of paper found inside the case and read every single word on them many times over and i cannot for the life of me figure out where this special, limited time offer is provided via code. even if this offer has expired, and Gamestop is wrongfully selling an out of date copy of this game, the now expired code should still be easy to find so that i can at least try to redeem it and then be let down by some dumb expiration date.

again, any help that anyone out there can offer would be appreciated!

User Info: zeplin1180

5 years ago#7
BUMP... i'm still so confused???
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