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Who won 2012?

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User Info: Auron772

4 years ago#11
Everyone won! Picking a single platform is just plain stupid.
"I have two rules I follow. The first, never kill someone without a reason. The second, you can always find a reason to kill someone." - Saren

User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#12
CGB_Spender posted...
How can you not vote for 360? It has Joe Danger man. Joe Danger!

That's what nearly made me vote for it. Securing that as a 360 exclusive franchise was the biggest thing MS did this year. But then they lost it.
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User Info: CapnStanky

4 years ago#13
360 beat the hell out of everyone. Vita is dead last. Wii is next to last. And then there's PS3 failing hard with a slew of poorly reviewed and horrible selling exclusives.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#14
Nobody won. 2012 had a terrible lineup of new games compared to the greatness of 2011.
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