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name a series you feel has too many sequals.

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User Info: knuxnole

4 years ago#11
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User Info: MTincher

4 years ago#12
God of War, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed.
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User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#13
Mister_Vanilla posted...
Assassins Creed

EAAAASILY. It has a connected story, and the concept is rather interesting, but it just became ridiculous because they had to fill it in so many games. AC 1, AC 2, AC 3 - that would make AC one of the better series and stories, but all those 2.33, 2.5, 2.78594 ruined that series.
They just milked it with yearly releases.

User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#14
kupo1705 posted...
There's one answer I'm expecting to see a lot.

hmm I wonder what it is
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User Info: peter_888

4 years ago#15
either assassin creed or kingdom hearts
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User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#16
Elder Scrolls series.

I expect alot of Nintendo Mario, Zelda, Metroid bashing in here as well,
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User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#17
Kingdom Hearts

Seriously I dont think I've ever encountered a series so blatantly milked for everything its worth, going through the trouble of making spin off, after spin off spanning across multiple consoles/handhelds, to fill plot holes nobody were even asking, or cared at that only to raise more questions, then answered. And thats not even including the freaking rerelease/remakes KH:FM, then FM+......really

Your have to pay a fortune to play the entire series.
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#18

User Info: Superfly Jo Jo

Superfly Jo Jo
4 years ago#19
Series with too many sequels

Call of Duty
Assassin's Creed
Guitar Hero
Ratchet & Clank
Street Fighter
The Sims
Need For Speed

Series with a lot of sequels, but I don't mind

Metal Gear
Grand Theft Auto
The Legend of Zelda
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User Info: HIroChu

4 years ago#20
ScreamingMidget posted...
Call of Doody

This as well as assassins creed
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