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Rank Tales of Vesperia, Graces, Xilia and Xilia 2 from best to worst

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User Info: Flare1721

4 years ago#11
AwesomeOSauce posted...
From what I've heard many say its:

Vesperia > Xilia 2 > Xilia 1 > Graces

but from what I read I think

Xilia 2 > Xilia 1 > Vesperia > Graces

what about you?

I like graces so it's to kno there's better.

Honestly can't tell you yet since I need to wait for Eng of Xillia
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User Info: SolitaireD

4 years ago#12
Vesperia>Xillia 2>Xillia>Graces

Vesperia>Graces f>Xillia 2>Xillia

Well I'm still half-way through Xillia 2 though.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#13
Vesperia > Graces f >>>>>>>> Xillia

Haven't played Xillia 2 yet.

User Info: lninjasonicl

4 years ago#14
Sand_Flare posted...
Vesperia > Graces

That's for sure.

But I haven't played Xillia yet.
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User Info: Dantechan

4 years ago#15
Xillia 2> Graces f> xillia >vesperia

User Info: Tiael

4 years ago#16
Xillia 2 > Graces f > Vesperia > Xillia, but that's just how I see it based on what I know about X1/X2.
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User Info: abdou

4 years ago#17
I have not played either of the Xillia games, I will when they are out in NA

Vesperia is one of my favorite RPGs though, it's my favorite Tales games, followed by Abyss and then Symphonia. I have mixed feelings for Graces F, the gameplay/battle system was great but the story and characters were terrible.

User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#18
Plot wise: Vesperia > Graces f
Combat wise: Graces f > Vesperia
Other Tales Plots: Symphonia > Vesperia > Abyss > Graces f

Graces f wasn't bad, but I didn't like the story much at all. Too much power of friendship going on.

User Info: fedor-machine

4 years ago#19
Pereb27 posted...
For me, Xillia 2 > Vesperia PS3 > Graces F > Vesperia 360 = Xillia.

They're all amazing though.

this guy is right on 100%.

Xillia 2 i haven't play, but watching youtube video, man the gameplay is top notch and look fun, even cameo battles look great and fun as hell.
Vesperia on PS3 was much much better and more complete than X360 Vesperia.
Graces f was also much better than X360 Vesperia cause it was just the beta just like NG3 on PS360 were the beta version while Wii U version were the complete version lol, i've played it i know.

if Vesperia on X360 have those stuffs the PS3 version have, it would have been the best Tales game behind Xillia 2.

User Info: Tsukinomahou

4 years ago#20
Xillia > Graces f > Vesperia > Xillia 2

Xillia 2 having a cameo fight and a good story does not save it from the tedium of 80% reused areas and bad decisions like forced party members. Xillia not having a cameo fight does not make it the worst game in the series despite what some might have you believe.

They're all around the same level overall though, and shine in their individual ways. Graces f has a great battle system and likeable characters. Vesperia has a staggering amount of characters and content. Xillia 2 has a powerful and unique story and some hidden endings. Xillia does all areas well but not the best.
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