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Dungeon/Loot game.

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User Info: piqule

4 years ago#1
Need a good ole loot grinding game. I've played Dragon age, Borderlands, Darksiders 2. Just looking for a new fix. Thanks for opinions in advance.

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#2
It's not PS3, but Torchlight 2 is pretty rad. - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: Trophy_Hunter85

4 years ago#3
Borderlands 2 is even better than 1
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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#4
Have you tried fallout 3 or NV yet?

User Info: OhGood

4 years ago#5
Dark Souls

It's not loot focused like the other games, but you'll find yourself grinding enemy drops for materials to upgrade your weapons (especially if you want to do some pvp). But if that's not your cup of tea i highly recommend fallout 3 over new vegas.

Though you should really play dark souls
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User Info: Peltar94

4 years ago#6
Xenesis Xenon posted...
It's not PS3, but Torchlight 2 is pretty rad.

I agree with this. There isn't a whole lot on the PS3 currently. Unless you go back for something like Sacred 2 or something a little different like Legasista.

User Info: Pawkie07

4 years ago#7
Bekness posted...
Have you tried fallout 3 or NV yet?

User Info: este914

4 years ago#8
-> este914 <-

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#9
Legasista is what crossed my mind. Randomly generated dungeons with set themes every 7 or so floors, with a boss every 15 floors to floor 100.

This game is very luck-based too. You have 2-3 exit gates that appear every floor, and you can choose which to exit from. You have, for example, the Transit gate that does n othing but advances enemy level by 1 at max.... then you have the Warp Gate which can skip floors, the fortify gate which can enhance weapons you find, and the growth gate that can advance gate levels, and so on. There are about 14 different gates.

Monsters level up through these gates. Let's say you enter a "Hell gate" to advance to the next floor. The hell gate could level the monsters in the dungeon up 6-50 levels.....or hell, it could level them up even up by 4000 with a monster max level of 9999.

Examples of the luck-based-ness:

- Exit gate types? Random.
- Gate level ups from level 1-4? Random.
- Item drops? Random.
- Item drop stats? Random.
- Gate stat level ups (Such as how many floors skipped by warp gate/monsters leveling...etc)? Random.
- Pickle monster appearance? (Birds that drop rarer weapons) Random.
- Effects of the Rule Gate (Like usable items only, 2X gate effects, Everything recovers in the rule gate....etc)? - Random.
- Success of the Fortify gate (You stop three randomizers that increase/decrease chances of the gate to work or fail)? - Random.
- Enemies on the floor? Random.
- Floor layouts? Random
- Floor traps? Random.

Etc. Alot of randomness.
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