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Anyone remember NeverDead?

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User Info: TaKun782

4 years ago#1
Well, you probably wont. But looking back on it earlier this year when it first came out i decided to give it a try mainly for a couple reasons at that. The graphics looked ok to a certain degree, it was a new concept, and a n interesting story. But basically, its a really frustrating game when your just a head no pun intended, lol. I hated getting sucked into those creature looking things, and i even stopped playing it when you had to detach your head to do this annoying puzzle....urrgh.... : /

But the other reason why, and this was a strange one too. It was because of Director Shinta Nojiri who made MGS: Ghost Babel, MGA, and MGA2. I wanted to see what he could do outside of MGS but damn...was i wrong.... sure like i said it was an interesting concept but somehow also failed in a way as well. But whats even more bizarre, is how he joined one of the most "not so great" game development companies known to man. "Rebellion"
And they dont have such a great resume of games either is why it puzzled me to why he joined them. Well, as odd as that sounds i only ever enjoyed one game that came out of them. And that as Sniper Elite V2.
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User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#2
The only people that remember NeverDead are the ones who dropped $60 on it and chalked it up to a learned life lesson.
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