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Why I hate this generation of gaming.

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User Info: Dark_Bass

4 years ago#231
1) Yeah, I guess I don't see a lot of games that are just off the wall and fun insanity, like Banjo-Kazooie this generation. Oh sure, there are still some, but the portions have certainly shrunk when compared to shooters.

2) Well, I don't know about "No game is worth $60". Skyrim certainly earned it's pricetag for me. But yeah, some games did cost more in the 90s new.

3+4) I wouldn't mind if it was done right. No more day 1 DLCs or charging for parts that were supposed to be there to begin with, but the technology and the idea of it itself is a good thing. Expansions being released without having the added cost of having a disk made and distributed? Sounds good to me.

5+6) I don't hate the games itself, but rather what they have done to the industry because of their success. Yes, it's the same CoD game released over and over since 4, but other companies wanted to cash in on how hot the shooter market proved to be because the fans kept buying the same game again and again. I point to RE6. Plus, with EA holding tight copyrights over Madden, FIFA, and the like, other developers can't use official team names and players to make their games, and EA can pump out a slightly modified version of the same game every year, keeping competition and therefore innovation out.

Though, for all the flak I give Activision and EA for CoD, FIFA, and Madden, I can't really blame them. They have a cash cow that fans will mindlessly buy over and over, and by God are they milking it dry. As a person that likes money and hates work, I really can't demonize them for finding a way to make money again and again on the work they put in long ago. Besides, Yes, CoD and the sports games are the same, tired formula again and again, but the thing is... It keeps reselling because at it's core, they are still good games. I still remember Sophmore year spending many a day playing CoD4 and watching my friends play. It was so good that I bought MW2 and BO, not even caring at the time.

User Info: A_Sexy_Panda

4 years ago#232

I remember when Pokemon Stadium 2 was $100 for the N64 and you're complaining about $60? Seriously?

User Info: shinobisBACK

4 years ago#233
agreed with your points about DLC. that whole thing has blown up into an ugly monster based on greed. expansions are cool, always have been. you bought a big pack that came out later when most people were done everything in a game anyway. now its just extra crap either tacked on or pre-planned just to scam more money from gamers.

i always see people dispute that fact by saying "dont buy it" or "companies want profits duh". i dont accept those answers, thats the garbage that makes this stuff thrive in the marketplace. they will keep feeding you scraps for too much money with shameful business practices, and you will keep eating it. just because most of you have come to either accept it, or just dont know any better, or are just to young and/or dumb to realize it doesnt mean these dlc strategies are ok.

more discussions blow up on gamefaqs about fighting over religion rather than stuff that relates to games like the dlc scams, funny stuff.

User Info: Moi_Man

4 years ago#234
This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It's burning grip tells me to defeat you! Now, here I go! SHINING FINGER!!

User Info: Maximoom

4 years ago#235
agree with 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I dont care about COD and sports games.

User Info: DarkGam3r

4 years ago#236
Every point made was legit, but most of them were because you're growing up and so is a part of your human brain that accepts new things in your life.

#4 I agree with though, Disk Locked Content is different from day 1 DLC.
"I'm no hero."

User Info: twwoodard

4 years ago#237
Littlejeffery posted...
1) Games no longer feel special

2) Games cost $60

3) Dlc

4) On-disc dlc

5) Call of Duty

6) Madden/NBA/Fifa 2,whatever (any sports games):

With all of this being said, I cannot bear the thought of what the future of gaming has in store. I want to hear your thoughts on this matter. That's all that I have to say for now, back to playing more Super Smash Bros =D

Basically, video games are doing the same thing that Hollywood is doing, churning out the same stuff they gave us last year expecting that we won't notice it's the same stuff. I don't buy very many new video games anymore for the same reasons that I don't watch very many new movies. That having been said, here is my breakdown of your objections:

1) I grew up with the TRS-80 and the Atari 2600. When you've actually lived in a time when that's all there was for home gaming, you take issue with anyone who complains that games "no longer feel special". My kids are often awestruck at how pathetically lame the games I grew up with were. Frankly, so am I.

2) Supply and demand, my friend. Supply and demand. As long as people will continue to buy at that price, the game developers have every right to charge what they want. You know what they say about a sucker being born every minute?

3) Actually, this depends on the developer. Some take financial advantage of the gamers who are obsessed with DLC, and shame on them, but some still use DLC for exactly the purpose for which it was originally intended. I remember the "Mission Packs" they used to sell as expansions for the original PC Wing Commander game back in the 90's. Same concept. So basically the idea behind DLC has been around forever, now you just don't have to trudge out to the store to buy a box full of extra floppy disks to expand your gaming experience anymore. If you ask me, this is the better time to be alive as a gamer. My advice? Buy DLC only from the honest devs.

4) No real argument with this point.

5) Come on. This is like complaining about Saw XII or the Human Centipede 7. See my original comment about Hollywood above. Don't like it, don't give them your money. Easy.

6) See #5. I actually like most of the Madden and FIFA games I've played, but I don't buy the new ones anymore.

User Info: The_Darkwalker

4 years ago#238
Dark_Soldier42 posted...
Number 2.

Clearly you did not play games during the 90s (or your parents bought them for you). Games cost as much as $70 and that is without adding inflation cost. Seriously $60 is nothing

You're not kidding. I paid $89.95 for Phantasy Star II on Sega Genesis at a Service Merchandise store when the game first came out!

You youngsters have it easy! ;P
Evil always wins because Good is dumb.

User Info: the4thstooge

4 years ago#239
jammies posted...
I like this generation of gaming.
I don't like this generation of gamers.
I miss the old days when gamers didn't whine incessantly. Then the Internet happened.
Petition for a Resident Evil 2 remake:
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#240
DLC is bad, but not because people without the internet (who are these people? I legitimately can't think of someone who has a current gen console who doesn't have the internet).
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