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Could the PS4 be Sony's last console?

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User Info: VGAddict90

5 years ago#1
I mean, let's face it, they're bleeding money right now, and they're probably going to bet everything on this console. The PS4 will need to have a PERFECT launch to give Sony even a SLIGHT chance of avoiding bankruptcy.

User Info: Porunga

5 years ago#2
While it is possible, Sony's games division isn't what is in trouble. We will see Sony go through a restructuring and they will lose some of their divisions that are the problem soon. So, while possible for PS4 to be the last, I think it is unlikely.

User Info: Mister_Vanilla

5 years ago#3
It could be anything.

On a related note of money loss...

How much did MS lose on Windows 8 and Surface Tablets? From what I have seen, they would not be considered successful.


User Info: Universquall

5 years ago#4
It's possible for any of the big three to have their last consoles next gen. Sony weren't even meant to exist beyond 2006 on this board.
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User Info: NuclearChipmunk

5 years ago#5
Guess why they have made an agreement with Olympus.

Not for the digital cameras, but for the medical devices.

Japan is ageing, and Sony has found a profitable market with a strong potential.

User Info: Danzig2057

5 years ago#6
Sony's problem is that they have a large, confusing product (e.g., they have something like 3 different TV product lines) line for their other devices. What we are going to see is Sony streamlining their other products which I think will give them a better market position. The PS4 will have to perform well to keep the game division up and running, but not the company as a whole.
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