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Which developers/publishers do you boycott?

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User Info: killak

5 years ago#121
Best thing about office chairs?

They spin
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

5 years ago#122
I buy all my games used so...everyone?
Aside from Nintendo.

User Info: Nicodimus

5 years ago#123
I don't boycott anything, in any area of my life. No business has ever pissed me off to that level.
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User Info: medmuscle

5 years ago#124
Boycotting can and does have an impact (although not always). It can take time a lot of times, but it can change things eventually. I boycott Gamestop because of something they did to me. If what they did to me they also did to tons of other people and they stuck up for themselves, they would change their practices quickly. They would have to just so they could stay in business. When a company is losing money, they have to make changes if they plan to stick around in the years to come. Those changes include but are not limited to a change in pricing, better customer service, updates, and perhaps enhancing quality.

Sometimes boycotting isn't all about one person trying to bring down a corporation. Sometimes pride in a person takes over and standing up for yourself means something. It makes you feel good inside about not plopping down your hard-earned money at some place that you feel doesn't appreciate you. Some of us know something that others don't know, and because of that our conscience won't allow us to purchase something from someone until some change is made. There are always plenty of other places that would love for you to spend your money with them. In this day and age where people are spending less and less, a good customer who is willing to spend money consistantly is becoming more and more valuable.

On topic, I boycott Square Enix unti they localize Type-0 which many are saying is the best Final Fantasy title in years (some even say EVER). I also boycott Microsoft because they are an evil corporation that are against human rights and fully support the gov in spying on the people (along with Facebook, and AT&T). They don't mind stomping on The Constitution for profit.
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User Info: killak

5 years ago#125
I boycotted EB Games in Australia, but not for whiney reasons like them not knowing what new games are coming out, or what systems they're on, their trade prices or their po prices...... but since I worked for them for almost 4 years......

My boycott is real. i don't even step foot in their stores.
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User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#126
jubjub360 posted...
I buy games for fun. What about you guys?

same here.I don't boycott publishers/developers because,it's just petty and stupid.
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User Info: SpoonSports

5 years ago#127

Might add SquareEnix to the list but I just bought Kingdom Hearts 3DS two weeks ago and just really amazed. I just hope Nomura gets a better career opportunity that would consider him taking the offer.
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User Info: jubjub360

5 years ago#128
killak posted...
Best thing about office chairs?

They spin

I laughed. It's true in both chair and user form.
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User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#129
killak posted...
Best thing about office chairs?

They spin

ha ha true
PSN ID:gearhead32
I used to care but now I take a pill for that.I apologize for nothing.

User Info: CronoDyne

5 years ago#130
jubjub360 posted...
CronoDyne posted...
jubjub360 posted...
If you're a-okay with developers and publishers systematically screwing over their consumers and ruining the video game industry with their constant need to nickle and dime, yes, you're a blind loyalist. You refer to me as hateful because I actually see and recognize bad business practices of companies and refuse to give them any support. It's a pretty silly and inconsistent insult, blaming the victim for defending themselves against the aggressor. By supporting these companies by buying their games, good or bad, you're saying it's okay for them to continue what they're doing. So sorry I actually have some convictions in life and don't kowtow to the whim of publishers.

I'm a-okay with playing games. Do you have a problem with that? I'm planning on buying the DmC reboot when it comes out because I found it to be fun. Does that make me a blind loyalist?

You are hateful and are anti-big business. God forbid someone try to make a buck. Sure there is things that are f***ed up but fun fact that you are not privy to (and yes I do know you are not privy to it): You don't have to buy them.

You are just one of those people who group everyone together just because they don't support what you think.

To ignore the troll, I buy fun games. Anyone else?

I have a problem with you supporting bad companies, yes. As I have pointed out, by supporting these companies regardless of what they do, you're giving them free reign to screw over the consumer. I don't care if you absolutely love games that come from Capcom, buying their product means you're supporting them as a company, meaning you're supporting their bad business practices. Show some damn convictions and stand up against their actions, and when they finally come around, THEN buy their products. Otherwise you're just part of the problem.

You're making grossly exaggerated generalizations when I pinpoint ONE company that's conducted themselves poorly, and detailed specific actions to prove that they have. Pointing out Capcom's anti consumerism and greed does not make me "anti-big business." It's people like you that give these entitled 99 percenter brats angered fuel when you can't differentiate between hard working capitalism and gormandizing businesses. There's a clear difference between "making a buck" and squeezing as much dime out of your consumers as possible with charging for color swaps or cheat codes or locking $20 worth of content on a disc.

Funny.. when you JUST did the same to me.

And you end with a cliche personal attack in a lame attempt at trying to divert the attention. What a surprise.

Hey instead of being the corporate hater, how about you go play games for fun like I do. Go ahead and try it, it's so much fun!

Congrats, you've now proven you're a broken record with no counter argument to any of my points. Good job on that.
Goodbye Chewy. You were the best friend I could ask for. Rest in peace, buddy.
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