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Sega suing level 5 for patent infringement,seeking 900mil yen in damages

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User Info: monkeypahng

4 years ago#21
How can you have a patent for that?!
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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User Info: AnonUnknown

4 years ago#22
zerooo0 posted...
Bethesda with the "Scrolls"

LOL i remember that, they were going to sort things out by playing a Quake 3 online match or something.

User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#23
kel25 posted...
This is bad news. Level 5 is a small company and this could put them out of business or severely hurt the company. They are one of the few companies left that I actually enjoy.

According to the article they are suing because...

“A mechanism to manipulate the characters by touching the screen with your finger or pen.” Sega is claiming that “two patents acquired by the company has been compromised”.

So why isn't Sega suing every single smart phone game and a large number of DS, 3DS, and Vita game developers?

I want to know this as well. Though non are coming to mind, aren't there numerous games that use the control a character with the touch feature on the DS

User Info: ace_two_max

4 years ago#24
Level 5 will win, the patent is a ‘Frand’-type innovation,

Almost the same case as Xbox360 and Motorola.
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#25
SEGA are pathetically desperate for cash. They already had to fire a lot of people and cancel several unannounced games because of money issues. Most of their recent games have been sloppy, rushed and have flopped.

SEGA will never win this case. They're just wasting any last money that they don't have. Trying to sue over a universal touch/control mechanic is like one media company trying to sue another over them also having a square symbol as the stop button on their DVD players. lol

User Info: catsimboy

4 years ago#26
Sonic Says: If somebody uses a touch screen in a place or way that makes you feel uncomfortable that's no good.

User Info: Jahkeemyork

4 years ago#27
There's obviously a lot more detail in the lawsuit then what that's showing.

A Patent to just control your character movement with a finger or pen isn't enough. There's definitely a lot more detail to it then that, just we won't know unless we see the actual lawsuit papers ourselves. After all I HIGHLY Doubt that patent would even be accepted if it was just that.

User Info: Chudamaru

4 years ago#28
But isn't 900 million yen like 300 dollars US?

User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#29
I can't wait till Sega goes under, Nintendo always wins, baby.
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User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#30
Chudamaru posted...
But isn't 900 million yen like 300 dollars US?

Not even close. 300$ is closer to 40,000 en.
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  3. Sega suing level 5 for patent infringement,seeking 900mil yen in damages

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