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Sega suing level 5 for patent infringement,seeking 900mil yen in damages

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User Info: Jahkeemyork

5 years ago#71
LesserAngel posted...
kuter posted...
I hope level 5 lose. They are such a crappy company that hardly support their game outside of japan

You mean like Sega with Valkyria Chronicles 3? For that matter, EVERY japanese game company has great games that were never localized.

Well Vakyria Chronicles 2 got pirated so freaking much, it's the same reason why Square-Enix sat on Type-0 Localization, all of their games got pirated the hell out of too. Only difference is Square actually hada good amount of the Localization done while VC3 had none.

Sales in VC2 outside of piracy was crap anyways I wouldn't risk anything like that happening again. Hence why I understand why the PSP in america was crap in terms of software.

Also Sega being in trouble only seems to be in the US/EU Division. Sega is still going strongly in Japan, Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloids being one of the biggest selling points, followed by Yakuza. Sega is still huge, but not in the US/EU unless it's Sonic. Sega still cares about the US though, they allowed Nintendo to work on Bayonetta 2, as long as Sega was there supervising.

Level 5, although a very great and artistic team, and I support their creativity I can't support them as much as I do Sega because Level 5 games hitting the US is always rare, but with Ni No Kuni coming out, it's a shame to see this pop up. BEcause they worked really hard on Ni No Kuni.

User Info: EvilCactus

5 years ago#72
LesserAngel posted...
killak posted...
From: LesserAngel | #038
That is why people are more or less saying "Sega, WTF?"

That's just it., people are saying "SEGA, WTF??" without knowing the specifics. Just once i'd like to see someone with enough maturity to say "ok, well I don't know the specifics but i'll reserve judgement until I do"

I agree that many many DS games use the touch interface, so it's clear that it's something really specific.

as a poster said above, Apple sued for the curved edges on their phone, and succeeded.

Well, it's really Sega's own fault for not supplying the specifics in the first place. When you accuse someone of patent infringement and don't explain how they're infringing on said patent, you're asking for trouble.

You can chalk that up to shoddy journalism. Sega most likely knows exactly what patent is being infringed. Said patent most likely discloses something more specific than just touchscreen-based controls.
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User Info: EvilCactus

5 years ago#73
mogar002 posted...
Sega is desperate for cash because of all the flops they release.

Lawsuits take time and money. Companies don't sue just to make money.
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User Info: Lsnake

5 years ago#74
...damages. What damage? Last time I checked, Level 5 games didn't prevent me from getting Sega games.

They want to ruin great gaming companies, drag them down in the mud with them? Sega, you are now my enemy. I want Dark Cloud 3 and if you incompetent greedy jerks are stopping that I'll..I'll..I'll be angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
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User Info: XeonexFlash

5 years ago#75
Sega waste more money on something that will flop, you are good at that a majority of the time.
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User Info: touyamizrahi

5 years ago#76
LesserAngel posted...
"Sega (in the patent) was granted a patent on the idea of using a combination of swipes and drag/hold techniques to control multiple characters at once, while also maintaining primary control over one single character (in the case of the patent, a player with the ball, but they suggest it can be other things as well). The examples provided include moving linemen into formation using quick swipes while using a long drag to move the character with the ball up field. (So basically, a long drag will move the guy with the ball, while a quick swipe will move linemen, and a quick swipe on top of the ball to another character will pass the ball, etc. - there are multiple techniques mentioned here (including grouping multiple characters together to move at once) but they generally revolve around the same fundamental ideas)."

Can anyone that plays IE say if this is how the controls in IE are? In anycase, to me it still sounds like trying to patent 'press A to jump'. Meh, whatever.

after reading all of this....i have decided to try and patent the motion of breathing!!!! you shall all pay me to breathe if you expand and contract your chest!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

but i will only do this if Sega somehow wins. Never underestimate the power of bribing!
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User Info: ManuKesna

5 years ago#77
LOLsega, i hope they lose
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User Info: NightsOwl

5 years ago#78
doraemonllh1989 posted...


Whoa.... Holy Sh**... You're scaring me.
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User Info: Shinobi120

5 years ago#79
Bestia_Somnia posted...
SEGA are pathetically desperate for cash. They already had to fire a lot of people and cancel several unannounced games because of money issues. Most of their recent games have been sloppy, rushed and have flopped.

SEGA will never win this case. They're just wasting any last money that they don't have. Trying to sue over a universal touch/control mechanic is like one media company trying to sue another over them also having a square symbol as the stop button on their DVD players. lol

This. Sega are just pathetic. Some companies just refuse to take responsibility for their outcome, & have to sue somebody else just to stay afloat. Sad.

User Info: nihilist212

5 years ago#80
900 million Yen is what, about $40?
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