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If Nintendo made Final Fantasy why is it on PS3?

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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#31
Magnum_Dan posted...
I once read a big long interview with the people at square and they explained why it was originally a Nintendo exclusive. I don't remember the reason but I DO remember their reason for moving to Sony. The reason was very obvious. In those days, CDs held much more memory then cartridges.

1: Final Fantasy was never originally a Nintendo exclusive. Read the topic- the game was on both the Famicom/NES and on the MSX console as well. II, III and IV were on the Famicom/Super Famicom because Square was putting a large financial outlay into the games and really couldn't afford to multiplatform. And then there was the FFV Microsoft debacle, which ended up screwing PC gamers out of both FFV and FFVI on that platform.

2: It was a multifaceted decision to go with Sony's Playstation at that point. They had been trying to work with larger media since the early days of the Super NES; Seiken Densetsu II (Secret of Mana) was originally a SNESCD game, with fully orchestrated redbook audio and a massive world. When Nintendo screwed over Sony and consumers by secretly switching to Phillips, Square had to scramble to recoup their losses; they cut out roughly 40% of the game, moved the audio to standard .SPC format and shoved it onto a cartridge. Which was what we got. Adding to that was the idiotic decision of Yamauchi to go on a public stage and start insulting Square's games, and the decision was pretty cut and dry at that point.

Bekness posted...
And yes they were with Nintendo from 1-6.
7 was originally going to be on SNES but they decided to put it on ps1 instead.
Then was sony exclusive up until 11.

So much wrong with this post I don't even know where to start...

1, 5 and 6 were originally going to be multiplatform. I already mentioned that part earlier in the topic. And FFVII, VIII and XI all had PC versions released, so no, FF wasn't "Sony exclusive" at that point either.


User Info: BillbertRandom

4 years ago#32
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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#33
HellsingOrg posted...
PENDRAG0ON posted...
PsychoWolfX posted...
mogar002 posted...
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