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Why did you buy a Playstation 3?

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User Info: Inafking

4 years ago#41
I had played everything I wanted to on my PS2. I was disappointed in my wii. Traded most of my collection in for a PS3, PSP and FFXIII. Was not happy with it until Assassin's Creed. 360 was never an option. I like consoles that don't have to be sent in for service.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#42
Free online.

User Info: Rennik Repotsir

Rennik Repotsir
4 years ago#43
Other: I wasn't getting anywhere with my (now) ex. So I said f*** it...
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User Info: Varron

4 years ago#44
HadokenUnited posted...
Bought mine with my high school graduation money because I really wanted to play Resident Evil 5 when that came out. Chose it over 360 because I didn't want a crap system that was going to constantly break down and I liked blu-rays.

My exact reason, word for word.
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User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#45
god of war iii, there was no way in hell i wasn't going to be playing that. of course when i bought the ps3 god of war iii was still a few months away so i bought infamous and uncharted with the console and fell in love with those games.
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User Info: SoopaMan2K

4 years ago#46
I bought it just for Monster Hunter 3, but due to *Cough* 'Development Cost'...
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User Info: Drelago

4 years ago#47
I always wanted a PS3 for the exclusives, the blu-ray, and the PSN store but I couldn't justify the cost since I already had a 360. Fast forward like 2-3 years and my 360 died so I worked extra and finally bought a PS3 instead of replacing my 360.

User Info: FooFighters25

4 years ago#48
It was a gift, but I wanted it so I could play CoD4/MW2 and the Tales games.
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User Info: osboes

4 years ago#49
All the sequels to games I liked on PS2 were only going to be on PS3, most likely

User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#50
Fightin Gaems aren't on Wii, and I didn't like most 360 exclusives.... I also didn't want to pay for Live.
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