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Which Final Fantasy Game Is The Best??

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User Info: DarkShadowRage

4 years ago#161
Final Fantasy BAJILLION
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#162
Gambits were a pain.

Then don't use gambits. They are optional.

Real-time battle system made things cumbersome to control.

It is ATB, just like the other Final Fantasies.

Inability to control more than one character at a time.

Umm, you could give commands to every character at one time.. You move every character, but there was no reason to move anyone except for the one you are controlling.

Useless weapons (Did anyone EVER use measures?).

What does this have to do with the battle system? This is an itemization issue, and it's not a big deal, because there is no character based restrictions on weapons. A flaw, yes, but not one appropriate to the discussion.

License Points blew.

Again, has nothing to do with the battle system.

Far too many spells/items were worthless without very specific set-ups.

Having different character builds is a bad thing? I think a lot of RPG fans are going to disagree on that stand. Which spells are you talking about particularly? Because buffs/debuffs were vastly more important in 12 than any other Final Fantasy. Again, I asked in comparison to the other Final Fantasies.
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User Info: Soliquidus

4 years ago#163
Final Fantasy XII has the best Battle far

So therefore it is the best
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User Info: pjnelson

4 years ago#164
VI (six)
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User Info: Materia-Keeper

4 years ago#165
What's with the lack of Mystic Quest love?
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User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
4 years ago#166
As long as it's not FF2, 4, or 12, I love them all.
If I had to pick one, I'd probably go with 11.
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User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#167
hockeybub89 posted...

User Info: Grizzle1981

4 years ago#168
If I had to rank all the games I've played from Best to Worst, it'd look like this:

1. X
2. Crisis Core
3. 8
4. X-2
5. Tactics: War of the Lions
6. Tactics
7. 7
8. 9
9. Dirge of Cerberus
10. 12
11. 13
12. 6
13. 5
14. 4
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User Info: xxcheexx

4 years ago#169
6 and 7.
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User Info: hijokaiden

4 years ago#170
Final Fantasy VIII.
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