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First game you played for each Playstation system.

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User Info: legionofpancake

5 years ago#341
Let's see...

PSOne: too far back to remember
PS2: Kingdom Hearts
PSP: Silent Hill: Origins
PS3: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
PSV: Rayman Origins
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User Info: zerostarinc

5 years ago#342

User Info: MC_BatCommander

5 years ago#343
1- Hard to remember... I'm guessing it was Crash Bandicoot
2- Half Life
3- MGS 4

User Info: Oak_Tea

5 years ago#344
PS1: Could've been Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, Spyro the Dragon, or Crash Bandicoot: Warped.
PS2: Probably Final Fantasy X
PS3: Motorstorm, or whatever it was that came with the 80 gig PS3. The first game I played that I liked was a demo of a PSN game...something about ducks, sliding them into a hole? First game I bought for it was Rock Band.
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User Info: Cloud75x

5 years ago#345
ps1- battle arena tushinden 1 (misspell?)
ps2 - Madden NFL 2001 or Tekken Tag
ps3 - n/a
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User Info: Hyokun

5 years ago#346
ps1 - soul reaver on demo disc

i played it at my friends's house. the game creeped us out but still, we played it a lot, even though it was a demo lol

ps2 - need for speed underground

i had a gamecube at that time, so i spent some years without even touching a ps2 controller... until my friend bought a ps2 with this game and we played it... the game was great

ps3 - dante's inferno

i bought my ps3 last year (and the first sony system ever for me), and i was dying to play this game for some reason... and i enjoyed every minute of it

User Info: Sakura_Martinez

5 years ago#347
PSX: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
PS2: .hack//Vol.1
PS3: X-Blades (hated it)
PSVITA: Uncharted: Golden Abyss
PSP: Popolocrois
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User Info: WeskaBlasta

5 years ago#348
PS1 - MLB Pennant Race, Crash Bandicoot - I got both for Christmas back in...96.

PS2 - Crazy Taxi, NBA Street

PS3 - Socom: Confrontation
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User Info: Silent_21_Snake

5 years ago#349
PS1 - SoulBlade
PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 2
PS3 - Burnout Paradise
PSP - Silent Hill: Origins
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User Info: Jason_Hunter

5 years ago#350
Ps1 - Wow, that was a long time ago... Jet Moto was the first that I bought, well, my parents bought at the time :P

Ps2 - Grand Theft Auto 3

Ps3 - The Orange Box (To be more specific... Half-Life 2)

Psp - I think it was a racing game, but I ain't sure lol
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