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Why are Violent FPS war games like CoD the most famous and most bought games???

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

5 years ago#91
Shawwty08 posted...
Becuz 'Murica.

/ topic

I am from MURICAH & I agree.
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User Info: greatersphere

5 years ago#92
because you can easily own this game in single player and online. gave up after MW2
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User Info: calhoun1389

5 years ago#94
SieKensou posted...
gun control reduces the damage significantly. once that is in place, you can start on the mental problems

Gun control just reduces the amount of crimes committed with guns. If Min Yingjun has proved anything, it's that even without access to a gun, crazy people are going to find alternate ways to try and kill others. Mental health care should always come first. If gun crimes aren't drastically decreasing after we start actually caring for our mentally ill, then it'd be time to start tightening up on the laws concerning people getting guns.
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User Info: Tad_Dainty

5 years ago#95–2012)

the list of possible causes is interesting. stress caused by rapid social change, disparities in wealth, weakening of traditions, failure to diagnose and treat mental illness, poor/unemployed/uninsured people flipping out... luckily in the US we do not have these problems.

i am glad China's gun control is working out though. maybe we should get something like that here. I haven't seen a good hammer attack in years
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User Info: happychappy654

5 years ago#96
TC, you act as though YOUR personal opinion is factual despite having no scientific evidence to back up any of your blatantly stupid claims.

Violence has been in our nature since we came down from the trees. We enjoy violence in its fictional form, so what? It harms nobody. Unlike you I have actually read numerous credible studies conducted by people much smarter than you or I.

None of this *needs* to be discussed. Go ahead and keep making mountains out of mole hills if you wish, but I personally am not going to be giving you any more time of the day. Period.

User Info: gamestop27

5 years ago#97
"Say what you want but you WILL get desensitized after a while of constantly playing this stuff."

No, you will not. Seeing violence in video games is nowhere near the same seeing it in real life.
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User Info: KotomineKirei

5 years ago#98
HellsingOrg posted...
There has to be a reason why in America the most sold game and most popular game is a VIOLENT M rated war fps game.

Why do people like FPS games where you just shoot stuff with guns all the time?

It might be the reward system.

What I mean by that is, every time you kill a player's avatar some sort of thing pops up telling you that it is good by giving you something new(e.g. experience points, weapons, abilities, score points, first place, etc.), and they(developers) try to make you notice it by making the presentation of the reward as noticeable as possible(e.g. large text and 2+ digit numbers(CoD), announcer and medals(Halo), item pop-up mid-game(BF), etc.)
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