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OPM UK Game of the Year results

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User Info: LifeOfSyn

4 years ago#1
Sorry if already posted - I had a look and didn't see it.

This decision was made by readers and not the writers of the mag:

10. FIFA 13 (UK national sport is Football/Soccer, remember)
9. Max Payne 3
8. Hitman: Absolution
7. The Walking Dead
6. Assassin's Creed III
5. Sleeping Dogs
4. Mass Effect 3
3. Journey
2. Borderlands 2
1. Dishonored

Far Cry 3 missed out as the voting closed only a few days after it was released.

My personal vote was:

3. Borderlands II
2.The Darkness II
1. Journey

Although I can't play Hitman, Dishonored or any of the bigg'uns 'til Xmas.

Thoughts, guys?
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User Info: Raven-Z

4 years ago#2
I agree with that, for the most part.
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User Info: desert_santa

4 years ago#3
no fifa, journey or borderlands 2

the rest i can live with

User Info: carib2g

4 years ago#4
*see my sig
Best of 2012: Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3
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