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What game will you be playing on Dec 21st 2012?

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User Info: Anodyne11

4 years ago#151
Guild Wars 2 and probably Pokemon Black 2.
Maybe some Fire Emblem too but dunno which one to play. Usually play that and Metroid Fusion during the christmas period each year.
Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG this gen!
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User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#152
Final Fantasy VI. will start tomorrow again.

User Info: greatersphere

4 years ago#153
.hack//Link, finishing L.A Noire and maybe some Final Fantasy VII International.

User Info: Project-Canaan

4 years ago#154
Probably Asura's Wrath if I haven't finished it already or Xenoblade Chronicles. I've had the game since it came out and I've only played it one time, so I should probably be ashamed of myself...

User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#155
Nothing, I'll be at work.
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User Info: vishmarx

4 years ago#156
NONE..i have an algorithms exam the very next actually hoping the world ends on the 21st

User Info: Zechs23

4 years ago#157
Darksiders II probably. Appropriate I guess.

User Info: 01Philip01

4 years ago#158
Bo2 cuz that's my Xmas gift
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User Info: Vidius101

4 years ago#159
Dark Souls like I play every friday night. The usual pattern. I don't believe in this mayan crap.
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User Info: GoldenFox98

4 years ago#160
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask on the N64. Nothin' could be better suited.
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