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FINAL FANTASY X HD who's buying?

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User Info: BaseChouGoku

5 years ago#41
xNewAgeWarriorx posted...
Play it on computer at 1080p .

See thats what I'm afraid of. If it ends up looking not that much different than someone playing the original on their PC with a PS2 emulator than whats the point. Too many lazy HD ports this gen as it is.

User Info: LenneValkirye

5 years ago#42
Not me. I already own the game, have played it ad nauseam and it's just too slow-paced to be enjoyable nowdays.

User Info: xNewAgeWarriorx

5 years ago#43
Unless they add new polygons its impossible to make it better then playing it on computer...
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User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#44
Day One for my Vita unless I see a reason to buy the PS3 version.
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User Info: Remmy8199

5 years ago#45
Only if there's skippable cutscenes -_-

User Info: MASAFUMI_

5 years ago#46
Going to be day 1 for sure. I loved FFX...

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User Info: TheMcKnightMare

5 years ago#47
Is there going to be a retail version or digital only?
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User Info: NoelXYeul

5 years ago#48
I sometimes wonder if the hidden details in classic literature were also overlooked when they were also young. The reason the laughing scene is so horrible, is because they were forcing themselves to laugh. Tidus was far away from home, Yuna was on her pilgrimage knowing what was going to happen at end of it, and Sin could strike any time, destroying so many innocent lives.
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User Info: peter_888

5 years ago#49
not sure, i already have the ps2 version of the game. Have to see what the HD version of the game provide.
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User Info: DocDelicious

5 years ago#50
Thamauturge posted...
No, because its the worst FF game that I have played. Horrible story, horrible characters, horrible art design, decent gameplay at best, mediocre everything else.

Seriously? Out of FFVII through'd name X the worst? Really?
Not VII, VIII, X-2, XI, XII, XIII or XIII-2?
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