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What Ps3 Game did you put the most hours into this year?

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User Info: carsauce

4 years ago#101
Mass Effect 3 and Yakuza 4 put in total of 180 hours.
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User Info: Drumiester

4 years ago#102
Final Fantasy XIII (got my platinum!)
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#103
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World without a doubt, completed tens of times with every single character. Total play time probably exceeds 200 hours by now.
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User Info: TysonBane

4 years ago#104
Battlefield 3 easily.
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User Info: Artef

4 years ago#105
battlefield 3
borderlands 2

In that order more or less
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User Info: Magoo111

4 years ago#106
You mean the PS3 has games other than Dark Souls?

I had no idea. I was too busy playing Dark Souls to notice them.
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User Info: SaintZetsu

4 years ago#107
zyrax2301 posted...
Dark Souls
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User Info: hockeybub89

4 years ago#108
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 3
Borderlands 2

One of those. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#109
very easily DCUO def over 500 hours put into it
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User Info: Taran_McDohl

4 years ago#110
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