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C/D: The last great JRPG to come out was Final Fantasy X.

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User Info: MagmaRedDragon

4 years ago#171
Dragon's Dogma says hello.
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User Info: jgt4242

4 years ago#172
Dragon Quest 8 is the last great classic style jRPG I played...even 9 didn't feeled as classical than 8, but it was way better than FFX.

Many jRPG that came after FFX surpass it by far for me.
Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Ni No Kuni and Valkyrie Profile 2 are examples of this. And yes for me FF12 war WAY better than FFX in every way possible....
There's no better games.There's tastes and quality titles...that's all.

User Info: Paragon049

4 years ago#173
Very strongly D. FFX is not a good JRPG, and not even a good Final Fantasy. Even crap like Star Ocean 4 is better than it, since SO4 is actually pretty fun. At least FFX is still better than 13 and 13-2, though.

User Info: Necronmon

4 years ago#174
Xenosaga wants a word with you, along with Lost Oddissy a few of the Tales of games and others.

User Info: Hvv0l24n9

4 years ago#175
People really saying that FFX wasn't good?

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User Info: WimpyWeaksauce

4 years ago#176
Deny. Tales series, Souls series, Xeno "series", Baten Kaitos series, SMT series, and Radiant Historia are all fantastic JRPGs. Some are even better than FFX.

Final Fantasy is not the only JRPG series. The FF series has been faltering post FFX, so other RPG series have gotten their chance to shine.

FFX was a major turning point for Japanese RPGs, I'll give you that. Since then, Square has lost its dominance over the genre. It was also the last truly great turn-based RPG that brought anything new to the table. Yeah, there have been great turn-based RPGs, but none of them have done anything new.

User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#177
FFX was the last good FF....Demon Souls doesn't even count. Maybe Lost Odyssey? I say confirm.
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User Info: skyblaster

4 years ago#178
For some reason I automatically assumed TC meant "last great JRPG" made by Square(Enix). In that case, I would have agreed. But since there is no such restriction, nope, definitely not.
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User Info: Nomorice4U

4 years ago#179
ManuKesna posted...
From: War_Fail | #017
Hvv0l24n9 posted...
Idk why I forgot SMT. Yeah, they came after FFX, so no. But I love FFX.

Persona 3 bored me to tears. I played it for all of about 2 hours. A dating sim/dungeon crawler with terrible music. Yeaaaah. I'll pass, thanks.

that doesnt mean the game is bad, try again

The game needs some getting used to but the it's quite rewarding once you are used to it! You should really give it another try.
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User Info: ArakDemonBlade

4 years ago#180

FFX wasn't bad but in my opinion it wasn't great. FFXII was better to me at least.

FFXIII was pretty bad though and I haven't played any JRPGs after that. Truthfully in my experience the last 'great' JRPG was Chrono Cross :P (since FFXII drifted in a more western direction really).
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