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Face it, there will never ben another console RPG as revolutionary as FF7

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  3. Face it, there will never ben another console RPG as revolutionary as FF7

User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#61
I thought of two that I think are better, but then I realized that both are handhelds.

I don't agree that FF7 is the end-all RPG, but I do agree that people are way too biased against turn based combat.
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User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#62
n0matter posted...
TC is acting like he knows why people don't like RPGs and goes some lame, cliched excuse for it. Don't see you calling him out. I'm guessing you like RPGs.

The lack of good JRPGs is a regular topic of discussion on these boards. All of the reasons generally given for the decline of this particular genre are a lack of gameplay type last experienced to it's greatest degree in FF7. A gimmick "shoot yourself in the head" mechanic doesn't make for a great game. Innovative, perhaps. But even die-hard Persona fans will agree that the "let's be odd for the sake of being odd" bit is getting old.

It's kinda hard for there to be a lack of a genre that only exists in the minds of a minority of the gaming community. Also, people don't experience good game play because of the expectations they have created for themselves. This is a people problem, not a game problem. If you want to delude yourself into blaming the games then that's your problem.
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User Info: misterw3_14159

4 years ago#63
i think youre all forgetting about th e first two golden sun games
lets face it everything about it is way better than FF
Story, Sidequests, Characters, many hours of fun, and very important the battles.
I may be a little biased but thats because golden sun is just so good.
:P i still respect all of yours opinion

User Info: manila2k1

4 years ago#64
It's the most revolutionary JRPG, arguably. But as far as console RPGs go, you can make the argument that KOTOR for the Xbox was a far better package.

User Info: BlueEye0

4 years ago#65
"push the hardware to it's limits" come on man you have to at least sound legit.

User Info: Doom_Infinite

4 years ago#66
FFVII is a great great rpg, but only lightweights hold it up as the greatest rpg of all time.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#67
Other then the game maybe pushing limits on a system, thats all it really did. Even for its time, the story and battle system were mediocre. Characters are interesting, but i pretty much love every FF character. That doesnt make it revolutionary tho.

Tales of Destiny and Star Ocean both deserved more attention then they got at the time. Take a guess why.

tbh, id much rather have the look of ToD or SO over ff7 any day. Opinions tho

User Info: cmacinnis

4 years ago#68
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User Info: FairyGlitter

4 years ago#69
I might be inclined to agree. While not solely responsible by any means, FF7 did bring JRPGs into a new light and made them far more popular. I wonder where JRPGs as a genre would be without the positive influence 7 had.

Of course, this does not mean it was the best JRPG by any means. Just that it changed things the most, sort of like how the Model-T changed cars forever, even though there are now way better vehicles.

User Info: Chupacabrabra

4 years ago#70
Lol FF7, now before i start this let me say that yes FF7 is a *good* jrpg for sure. But a really cookie cutter one at that. I played it, enjoyed it but it didn't do anything new for me really. I did play alot of rpg's/ jrpgs before it though and alot of those games already did what ff7 did only imo way better, i'll give some examples. Also FF7 just no.
Anyway, here is some stuff i find revolutionary, most are on the SNES for crying out loud.

Secret of mana SNES
First 25 hour+ action rpg with co-op up to three players. Great story characters, plenty weapons ,upgrades, magics, etc. Revolutionary, heck yea,

Chrono trigger SNES
Need i explain?

Terranigma SNES
20 hour action rpg about a guy who sets out to revive the surface world. Revive plants, animals, birds , humans, etc and see actual effects of your actions. Epic touching story. besides a great story has world /sim building elements and is sure to make you think about certain things in the world.Revolutionary, heck yea,

Grandia PS
Rpg with imo and in the eyes of many one of the best, if not the best turn based combat systems of all time. Perfect bland of strategy, action, timing in a combat system.
Revolutionary battle system? heck yea,

You know what i'm done. I can shake a dozen more out of my sleeve but i am not gonna bother. Your opinion man, i just think its a funny one at that.
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  3. Face it, there will never ben another console RPG as revolutionary as FF7

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