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Face it, there will never ben another console RPG as revolutionary as FF7

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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#71
I agree with your statement about FPS being the only game half of gamers touch, but as much as I love FFVII you're wrong about pretty much everything. It didn't push the hardware to its limits, nor was its battle system very innovative. What it does have, however, is the simple fun factor in the Limit Breaks, summons and various materia abilities which were mostly just very fun to activate. It was hardly as groundbreaking as you're making it out to be.
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User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

4 years ago#72
I'll agree that FF7 is probably considered the best by a majority but then again maybe their fans are louder.

But regardless, those are your opinions. I have a whole slew of games I consider better than Final Fantasy 7. My main problem with Final Fantasy 7 is the characters personalities are as interesting as stale bread.

I play Final Fantasy games for the story and the characters.
There was never any difficulty to any of them.

Any game you can beat by disabling (a) major mechanic(s) of the game/limiting yourself to a single character you obviously aren't playing for the difficulty.

I actually liked Final Fantasy 13 better (not the best) more so than 7. I understand why most people don't like Final Fantasy 13, but, its always been about the story/characters to me and they are represented better in my opinion than in 7.

That being said I did enjoy Final Fantasy 7 enough to beat it and revisit it every couple of years.

Personally I consider these to be the pentacle of gaming.

Action: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Fighting Game: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Platformer: Super Mario Bros. 3
FPS: Half-life 2 (FPS is my least favorite genre)
Western RPG: The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
JRPG: Final Fantasy 10 / Chrono Trigger (Still consider Morrowind the pentacle RPG)
MMORPG: Shadowbane
RTS: Age of Mythology
Racing: Mario Kart 64 (Casual, I know but it's my second least favorite genre)

But as I said these are all opinions and the only one that should matter to you is your own.

User Info: ikkicute

4 years ago#73
OK i agree with you, since FF7 started the most of what the next RPGs improve, sure the next ones also revolutionize things, but just look at all the FF7 fans out there, even people who are not fans such as my self.
BUT we don't know the future, maybe someday some other dev will create a revolutionary console RPG that surpasses FF7. Yes I believe SE will not be that one, they are too busy making social games since they themselves said they earn more money in it. Google it.

And for the guy who said Nostalgia, I finished it, if I have not played FF7 before I will say it is better. But I like Nostalgia. Still every RPG i played reminds me of FF7 so there.

User Info: pozertron

4 years ago#74
FF7 was not revolutionary. It's just that Shin Megami Tensei I II IF weren't released outside of Japan.

User Info: IrateGameFAQer

4 years ago#75
LOL FF7 fanboys never change.

The only thing revolutionary about 7 is it brought RPGs into the Mainstream; similarly you could argue Starcraft did it w/ RTS games, and WoW with MMORPGs.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

4 years ago#76
Part of me believes this statement and leaves me depressed but another part remains optimistic. Personally, I think the best games of all time come from the late 90s and early 2000s and 99% of what comes out nowadays is crap in comparison. Not because I need to feel nostalgic or because I'm cynical, but it's all more of the same that we've seen, nobody pushing any boundaries or trying anything new because quite frankly, gamers have shown they'll throw money at the same thing year after year (see Call of Duty 4, 1st through 6th edition as I like to call it.) Every now and then you'll see something where a developer tries something new and it won't always sell (see: Brink) and it'll definitely piss publishers off because they're the ones losing on money, they don't care about the evolution in gaming.

However, with indie games becoming more and more popular as well as Kickstarter proving there's still a community that demands evolution or maybe games from an almost dead genre, I have some optimism. I'll take PC gaming for example since I know a lot more about it. Diablo was an incredibly popular game in the 90s and was still known as one of the best loot fest games (if not the best) of all time. Diablo 3 came out and it was a disappointment because Blizzard didn't focus too much on substance. Torchlight 2 came out just about the same time, created by an indie developer, and it really took off and became really popular. A lot of people were claiming it's what Diablo 3 should have been.

It might be a while before we see AAA titles that are regularly pushing the boundaries (there are still a couple like Crysis 1), but it looks like after being set off course a few years ago, gaming is slowly being pushed in the right direction. Frankly, I know I'd rather pay twice as much for something new and revolutionary that is a ton of fun than the usual $50-60 on yet another mindless game that feels just like the rest.
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User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#77
BlackOrigamiSun posted...
. The whole gameplay scheme changed to be 3D; the story started to get more mature (sorry, but Kefka was not a good villain);
And Persona itself wasn't revolutionary. It was just SMT with real characters.

and how is the story mature, and how is kefka not a good villian when he pratically did something sephiroth didnt do. destroy the world. as for persona, lol those games are just funny
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User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#78
Doom_Infinite posted...
FFVII is a great great rpg, but only lightweights hold it up as the greatest rpg of all time.

even great rpgs get old fast once you complete them numerous times. i played star ocean alot but once you complete it and pratically do everything you can think of on it it gets boring just trying to max out your characters. just like with me on legend of zelda oot. after completing it too much i just had to take a break from it because i completed it too much. also with castlevania symphony of the night, once you pratically complete it the only way to challange yourself is to pratically not equip anything on alucard, but that is also boring. final fantasy 7 is rememberable, but its better rpgs out there. and aeris or whatever her name is nowadays death wasnt even sad.
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User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#79
Chupacabrabra posted...
Lol FF7, now before i start this let me say that yes FF7 is a *good* jrpg for sure. But a really cookie cutter one at that. I played it, enjoyed it but it didn't do anything new for me really. I did play alot of rpg's/ jrpgs before it though and alot of those games already did what ff7 did only imo way better, i'll give some examples. Also FF7 just no.
Anyway, here is some stuff i find revolutionary, most are on the SNES for crying out loud.

Secret of mana SNES
First 25 hour+ action rpg with co-op up to three players. Great story characters, plenty weapons ,upgrades, magics, etc. Revolutionary, heck yea,

Chrono trigger SNES
Need i explain?

Terranigma SNES
20 hour action rpg about a guy who sets out to revive the surface world. Revive plants, animals, birds , humans, etc and see actual effects of your actions. Epic touching story. besides a great story has world /sim building elements and is sure to make you think about certain things in the world.Revolutionary, heck yea,

Grandia PS
Rpg with imo and in the eyes of many one of the best, if not the best turn based combat systems of all time. Perfect bland of strategy, action, timing in a combat system.
Revolutionary battle system? heck yea,

You know what i'm done. I can shake a dozen more out of my sleeve but i am not gonna bother. Your opinion man, i just think its a funny one at that.

i never laughed soo much in my life

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#80
n0matter posted...
None will ever tell as good of a story, combine such an intricate combat system, be as seamlessly epic and push the hardware to it's limitations as that game did. People are too fixated on graphics and not patient enough to tolerate turn-based combat anymore. Hell, if it's not an FPS half of gaming world won't even tough it nowadays. Until gamers and producers stop focusing on what's 'pretty' and start listening to what people want instead of telling us what we need, we'll never see RPGs anywhere near as good as this game.

that is mainly your problem right there. you want games to be like final fantasy 7, but they will never be final fantasy 7. its more better games out there than this game anyways, you just need to look harder. sides the game isnt all that great and as for people being fixated on graphics. pfft i played a game with great graphics but was bored immediately afterwards. sides if you want a game close to final fantasy 7 look at final fantasy type-0. thats a video game pushed to its limits as well
i never laughed soo much in my life
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