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1200+ hrs on FFX...

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User Info: Super Slash

Super Slash
4 years ago#21
American_Eagle0 posted...
did you leave the game on while you...?

To Rikku's wetsuit?

User Info: BlackOrigamiSun

4 years ago#22

Plus 80 hours of Lulu pictures on Rule 34.

User Info: Formertechno34

4 years ago#23
700 hours.
Montreal Canadiens

User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#24
150+ hrs
yep amazing game, one thing that kept me playing was levelling up and filling the sphere grid to defeat the dark aeons
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#25
Under 200. I can't remember though. My favorite moment was winning the very first Blitz Ball match. It was soooo hard.
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#26
Somewhere around 130 or something like that.

Also, holy crap 1200+ hours? Do you, like, play this 24/7 or something? That's insane.

User Info: jason19192

4 years ago#27
80-100 hours, haven't played it in 5 years.

User Info: DeadorDead8

4 years ago#28
46 hours and I never got the chance to beat it.

User Info: LenneValkirye

4 years ago#29
Even with all my playthroughs combined I don't think I got past 300 hours total. And that was 10 years ago.
FFX's battle system is simply not enjoyable in this era. Playing it a couple of hours nowdays would be enough to drive me insane.

User Info: Lentastic

4 years ago#30
Not sure, at least 500 hours spread around all of my files, that includes at least 4 regular playthroughs(possibly more, but I sometimes had to overwrite old files), one of my files is above 200 hours, and I also did a NSG run.
But I can't check to be sure.

Can't wait for FFX HD.
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