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1200+ hrs on FFX...

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User Info: Whats_Up4444

4 years ago#51
80 hours.

Which doesn't include the play time when if I died and didn't save.

So times when I played 2 straight hours only to die and that isn't collected I can say over 100+ hours.

Ugh. F***ing Yunalesca.
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User Info: Haunter312

4 years ago#52
I literally just re-finished the game 10 minutes ago, I forgot how amazing/epic the ending X-2's aspect.

User Info: Enetirnel

4 years ago#53
Drumiester posted...
1200? Are you serious bro? REALLY!? What the hell!!?!

It's entirely possible to do. Across all of my new save games (Tidus having a different name each time), going off the top of my head I probably have anything ranging from 800 to 1100 with sphere grid completed, ultimate weapons, all aeons, Omega Ruins completed (including both Weapons) , dark aeons defeated, Calm Lands arena completed, Penance defeated.

Usually get 250-300 hours per new save run as my main save file certainly had over 300 on it but I haven't replayed FFX in quite a few years now.

I have far more than that in Final Fantasy VIII (the clock changes colour at certain hundred hour intervals). Lots of purple clocks across a couple of memory cards.

But, I do tend to replay VIII a lot more than X so that would explain it.

I do have to say, Blitzball in X is really quite addictive but far too easy once you get decent recruits and you've gotten the general patterns down.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#54
In total, probably about 600 hours. I've replayed it so many times I can't remember, and I do regular memory card cleans so all my saves but two have been deleted.
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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#55
luigi4728 posted...

User Info: RJLuigi

4 years ago#56
165 hours on most recent playthrough. That included maxing out every characters stats to 255 (except luck) and luck to 120ish. Also beating Penance and Nemesis.

I also played it through about three times before this.

User Info: Vandal26

4 years ago#57
My first, original file has around 140 hours or so on it, but if you include one or two replays that I did I would say that the total time would definitely be over 200.

FFVII and FFVIII (my two favorite FFs) however probably have at least 400 hours each since I've replayed them so many times, usually at least once a year with my playtime usually being around 50 hours for each.
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User Info: Brig123

4 years ago#58
I think I had like 300 something on my master file where I wiped out and rewrote the sphere grid...such a worthwhile investment of time lol

User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#59
When I bought the ps2 I bought this game with it. I was in awe with the graphics. Played like 4 hours then I couldnt take it anymore. Tidus was amazingly annoying, seems to have dad issues (ff needs a psychologically well belanced character for once). Yuna seems the type to self sacrifice for others. Wakka seems... uinteresting. The world was bland.

Then lyeras later I decided to clear the game. I facepalmed all the way till the end, it was a cliché-jrpg once again.

So yea. I dont get how you put 1200 hours on a bad game

User Info: PennyWiseRocks

4 years ago#60
Around 500 or so. I used to sit there and play just blitzball for like 8 hours straight.

Lord knows why.
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