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People who complain about unsealed new games never played sports in their lives

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  3. People who complain about unsealed new games never played sports in their lives

User Info: HaloODSTD

5 years ago#1
I used to work at a hockey store and we sell new equipment and sticks without tags, opened from boxes/factory bags, and with scuff marks. No customers complain, and the ones that do are the real anal kinds.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

5 years ago#2
So basically, you sell used goods as new?

User Info: HaloODSTD

5 years ago#3
like those that cry over gamestop opening new games and sell them as new, no we are no selling used as new.

User Info: BluePuniGod

5 years ago#4
Purchases are made in good faith when the merchandise is advertised as this or that. There's a general assumption of honesty on the retailers' part.

I don't know why you think they're "crying" over it when there's reason to believe they may have been deceived, when it turns out the game was not exactly what they've been led to believe. If you're saying the customer has no right to complain when they pay the full price for something whose status is falsely advertised, then it would seem you have no problem with deception and bilking customers.

It's probably different with your hockey store because the customers knew exactly what they're getting, so they're willing to purchase it because they deem the merchandise's face value acceptable.

User Info: nouseravailable

5 years ago#5
Yeah, i hear you. Im a software engineer and sometimes people complain about how long a system takes to close or to retrieve information from a database. So you know that progress bar that appears to tell how long some operation will take? When people complain, i open the code and make it so the first 80% go REALLY fast and the last 20% actually fills in the correct way. I usualy tell the costumer "hey, its not finish yet, but i optimized the algorythim", they see how the bar was fills so fast in the begining and and get all happy (since they are IT directors, they also leave halfway anyway). If they complain later, i can just say "hey, you saw how fast it was, its probably a problem with your computer, just contact your own support". Its just part of life, big companies "outsource" their problems to the final costumer, that is pretty much how the gaming companies (except a few like valve?) have been behaving. Its no wonder retails would do the same.
About the sports thing, i play soccer, all i need to do that is a ball. Those are never wrapped.
"I dont have a daughter. But I cant let that stop me from sorting out her musical training." -why the lucky stiff

User Info: Rygon

5 years ago#6
People that don't share my opinion are lesser than me

User Info: CoolmanC

5 years ago#7
Sports equipment can still be used as their primary function. If you get a game case open there is no way to tell if the code inside the game has been used or taken out. Then there is the case of the disc being scratched and not being able to play.

when I purchase something new I expect that item to be new. Never used not opened no scuff marks or scratches. If said item does have those things just label as display model and sell it for a discount.

User Info: MageofBlood391

5 years ago#8
Anybody that would be happy paying new price for an opened product is a fool, regardless of the product.

User Info: CronoGuyver

5 years ago#9
You are comparing apples and oranges. If you get scuffed hockey stick or helmet it will still do what it is supposed to do. Yet if you get scuffed game disk it will likely stop functioning - if blu-ray disk is scratch on the bottom layer the data in that are will be permanently damaged, because unlike dvds, blu-ray have data layer on the bottom of the disk so repair is impossible. It is like buying cracked hockey stick or helmet. However, even dvds cannot be repair is the top layer of the disc is scratched because that is where the data layer is.

The entire idea of having sports equipment opened in the store is to allow the consumers to inspect it for visible defects.

Having video games opened serve no such purpose, and in consequence are more likely to be damaged by the store employees - as I have experienced on numerous occasions which resulted in me stopping buying opened games.

To put it simply, scuff or scratch on the sports equipment will not prevent its function. However, Scuff or scratch on the game disc can cause permanent damage that will prevent the function of the disc. In in some stores if you fail to notice damage on the disc and comeback to replace it - store employees can , and some do , claim that you intentionally caused that damage and therefore will not exchange your copy (especially at gamestop/ebgames - happen to me several times, so I had to go to a different locations, even other stores).
Those who come with a sword, will die by the sword.

User Info: knuxnole

5 years ago#10
Who cares about hockey? Out of all sports it is one of the most pathetic sports lol
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  3. People who complain about unsealed new games never played sports in their lives

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