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What was the last game you Platinumed?

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User Info: Nikos_the_great

4 years ago#11
the walking dead. Just playing the game earns you the trophy so I guess it's no feat.
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User Info: echa_One

4 years ago#12
Dragon's Dogma.

dark_crisis0 posted...
Bancario51 posted...
I don't Platinum. Platinuming are for people with too much time on their hands

I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and still have time to platinum games.

I've got 5, to answer TC's question.

Read the question again, hehe.
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User Info: Sheria_K

4 years ago#13
The Walking Dead, no explanation needed.

Almost done with Under Defeat HD and Miku Hatsine: Project Diva f as well but I can't admit to really trying to go for them
Currently Playing: Illusion of Time (Gaia), The Walking Dead, Back to the Future and Far Cry 3.

User Info: UndeadDreamcast

4 years ago#14
just platinumed Darksiders 2 today
PSN: Spooky_Style

User Info: Pereb27

4 years ago#15
Tales of Vesperia.

User Info: BilI_Rizer

4 years ago#16
Playing: Tekken Tag 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, XCOM, GGX2AC+(PS3)

User Info: Lord_Xandros

4 years ago#17
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey is currently downloading for my next attempt! | Alternate PSN Account - MrRaveyGravy

User Info: Hellraiser555

4 years ago#18
The Walking Dead.
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User Info: badnewsliar

4 years ago#19
inFamous 2 IIRC

User Info: ElBorak77

4 years ago#20
lotr war in the north.
PSN El_Borak_77
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